Pleasant Surprises

17 May

On what seemed to be an insignificant and gloomy day in San Jose, I was presented a pleasant surprise.

It’s funny how something right in front of you can pass you by. As I looked at the certificate I received from a ceremony held last Wednesday at San Jose State, I realized that there were two certificates, not only one.  I was instantly puzzled as to what this second paper could have said, and more importantly, how I just noticed it this morning.

It turned out to be a certificate awarding me a Scholarship from the College of Business. A total shock, as this was the first time I had heard anything about this. Although I haven’t relieved any other notices from anyone, or any money, just having this certificate makes me feel good.

I guess the hard work and time I have put into school has paid off. Feels good for people to recognize it though.

It’s the little things in life that matter the most.

Enjoy the little things, they are what really gives our lives meaning.


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