Get out and Live

20 May

As I started, what seemed to be a mundane and droogy day, I was able to come to a remarkable revelation.

Although not totally out of the blue, I truely got to experience what the surce of my burdens lie. They lie in technology.

technology? The thing that helps us with our everyday needs. The thing that helps us progress so much as a society. The one thing that we all utilize on a daily basis. The thing that allows me to covey this messege, and for you the reader to read it?


These technologies are causing us all to be stuck behind a wall of flashing electrons all day, instead of enjoying the beautiful life that surrounds us.

We waste countless hours on the internet, looking at things we don’t need and thinking about what we wish we had. All the while we are missing all of the great possibilites that are presented in front of us on a daily basis.

We must understand that life is what is going on around you. Litterally. Not what is on these screens we have found ourselves sitting behind for the majority of our days.

Get out and live! ….Literally


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