Long time, old friend

8 Jun

Its been a long while since I have last posted.

Things have changed, but mostly everything is the same.

I have officially bought my ticket to Thailand. So I will be leaving on the 2nd of August.

I still have tons that I need to take care of before I leave.

Still need to send my Visa information.

Still need to get shots and vaccinations.

Lots to do. Little time.


I will be starting my internship at KPMG soon. (On Thursday)  So no more “summer vacaction” but I have enjoyed these couple of weeks off.

I came to realize tonight that although people tend to screw you, take advantage of you, and just plain old do you  wrong; nothing beats being around people.

Hanging out with a group of friends, not doing too much other than standing around talking and laughing amongst ourselves is an unbeatable feeling.

I think my bad luck for this week is starting to change.




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