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26 Jul

The simplicity of life is seldom realized.

We all tend to get caught up with the busy things in life that in turn cause us to feel that life is this huge complicated algorithm, and we are the mathematicians trying to decode it.

Life is simple.  But only if you let it be.

Do not forget that.

One week from now I am on a plane to SouthEast Asia.

In the meantime I plan to enjoy the simple things in this life that make me happy.

Just playing with a tennis ball makes her day.

Do you remember the last time you were that happy?


Night at a Coffee Shop

25 Jul

I spent my Saturday night at a coffee shop.

Drinking hot Chamomile tea, eating an apricot pastry, and listening to the sweet sounds coming from Eddie Cohn’s instruments.

It made me realize how many great things are here, right in front of you.

Just down the road, or around the corner.

You don’t even need to look. Just need to open your eyes sometimes.

Video was shot and edited by myself. It was my first one with the new camera. I hope to have many more videos, as my travel begins.

Be sure to take a look at Eddie Cohn. My first time hearing him. A really great musician live.

Eddie Cohn Music

Also make sure to check out Red Rock Coffee Co. in Mtn. View, Ca.   They have a slew of artists performing, and open mic nights weekly.

Go Be It

23 Jul

I am a fond believer in the fact that you control your life.

When it comes down to the fact, no one but you can control what happens.

If there is something you want, go get it.

If you want to change something, start now.
Life is too short to get hung up on all the things “I wish I did”.




2 Weeks

18 Jul

So its two weeks away.

actually 2 weeks and about 9 hours, but pretty much…

It’s actually perfect timing, because now I feel like I am ready to leave more than ever. Life here in San Jose is not fulfilling me, and I feel like as much as I enjoy many of the people here, I’m not going to be missing out on much.

I despise the repetitive: work, do nothing, drink; work, do nothing, drink at someone’s home, lifestyle that I feel so many of the people I am around have fallen into. Well maybe not so much fallen, but choose it to be their source of entertainment.



Being in a city.

Full of life, of people, of movement,  has really woken me up.

I have spent the last week spending time in cities, and I can really say that every time I do, I feel better than ever before.

Just being around people. Spending time talking over coffee, tea. Maybe catching dessert, or eating in a local eatery, has been some of the most fun I have had.

You find that you enjoy every minute, because it is always changing. Transient, and never static.


Get out into a city, and enjoy yourself.

Sit with a friend and talk about the joys, wonders, or even disappointments of life, over a great meal in the city, and tell me you didn’t enjoy yourself.


3 weeks

11 Jul

It’s less than 3 weeks away now,

The closer it gets the more I yearn for it.

The American suburban life is starting to play a major toll on me.  Not to mention working 48 hrs, and 6 days a week isn’t helping.  I just want to be gone already.

As bad as it may sound, other than the handful of people I hold close to me, I really do not think I will miss this much.  I’ve been here my whole life.  Never experienced anything other than this lifestyle.

Ya, I travel, and I do tons of things all the time, but never have I lived on my own, in a place I didn’t feel comfortable.

So I am not afraid of moving away, or anything to do with Thailand really.

I am just excited. I am ready for this. It is exactly what I need right now. Nothing right now feels right, and I feel like I am headed down the path traveled, oh too often.

Here’s to going astray, and finding your own way of living.

A quote from one of my favorite movies, and one that has been in my head for the last couple of months.

“I hope you live a life you are proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again”