2 Weeks

18 Jul

So its two weeks away.

actually 2 weeks and about 9 hours, but pretty much…

It’s actually perfect timing, because now I feel like I am ready to leave more than ever. Life here in San Jose is not fulfilling me, and I feel like as much as I enjoy many of the people here, I’m not going to be missing out on much.

I despise the repetitive: work, do nothing, drink; work, do nothing, drink at someone’s home, lifestyle that I feel so many of the people I am around have fallen into. Well maybe not so much fallen, but choose it to be their source of entertainment.



Being in a city.

Full of life, of people, of movement,  has really woken me up.

I have spent the last week spending time in cities, and I can really say that every time I do, I feel better than ever before.

Just being around people. Spending time talking over coffee, tea. Maybe catching dessert, or eating in a local eatery, has been some of the most fun I have had.

You find that you enjoy every minute, because it is always changing. Transient, and never static.


Get out into a city, and enjoy yourself.

Sit with a friend and talk about the joys, wonders, or even disappointments of life, over a great meal in the city, and tell me you didn’t enjoy yourself.



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