Land of Confusion

4 Aug

7:30 PM Thailand time.

I hear noises and turn my head, only to find myself damp and laying in a bed facing the big view of Thailand.

Last time I checked it was only 4:30 PM. I had just gotten back from a wild day around the city, and was feeling like jet lag was a myth.


A day t in the city of Bangkok, has my head spinning. Not even a full day.  I swear I felt like I did more here today from 10:30-4:30, than I do in a whole day in San Jose.

I saw more things than my brain could comprehend. In due time I will understand this place.

So my day truly started immideatly after starting the previous blog post. I soon found out that my internet is quite slow for uploading pictures. So I decided I would go check out the city at 1 AM.


I learned fast that walking around late at night with a backpack, a camera, long hair, and a huge smile, gave me away as a tourist faster than I could say “HI!”. So I quickly headed back to my place to drop off the accessories.

Luckily someone from SJSU who has been living in Bangkok for a while decided to meet me accross the street for some late night drinks.

There is a cool row of bars, called Coco Walk, right across the street from me.

Two large beers (24oz) cost less than a Starbucks coffee . AWESOME!



Around 3 AM headed back to my place to rest up for a day out with Jiji.

I ended up waking up quite early (8:30 AM) to the view of an American man in his balcony.

I will have to keep my blinds closed from now on.

I found that the sights I saw are very different in the morning


It’s so crazy how their are crazy “developed” areas, then right in the middle, some areas that are not developed at all.


Traffic is insane, and there are scooters everywhere!

Jiji got me some awesome lunch. I was starving.
Finished it off with a refreshing coconut

Rode all day in these 3 wheeled things called Tuk Tuk’s. They are crazy!

Jiji took me to Chula, (my school) and I got to meet a bunch of students. Everyone was super nice, but very young as well.
It was someones birthday so they all had a cake.


Next stop was IT city. An mall type thing that had about 5 stories of gadgets everywhere.


Its funny how they all have the same stuff, but they all are still in business. This is a concept that still behooves me.

I bought Adobe CS5.5 with a bucnh of software. I was extremely excited to use photochop, but the code does not work…

Super Bummer forsure!

The A&W here is very different.

Another ride in a Tuk Tuk in traffic time.

Sitting in traffic is killer. I have no idea how anyone in the city can handle it. Traffic was so bad that we just ended up riding in a circle back to my place.

No farting on the Tuk Tuk?

Thailand is exhausting in the day time. No matter what you do, it feels like I did the same times ten.

Crazy city, and intense place

To say that this is a fully developed country is wrong, but with all of the high rises, and technology, it is easy to forget it is still a 3rd world country.


2 Responses to “Land of Confusion”

  1. Sheeva Ghassemian August 4, 2011 at 4:38 pm #

    Take it all in cuzzo! Every day will feel like the greatest adventure of your life : ) we miss you here already

    • dariustii August 4, 2011 at 5:04 pm #

      I find myself sometimes just sitting around staring in silence because I am just mentally overwhelmed …
      It’s so awesome though! I miss you too! hopefully soon I will see you 😀

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