Thirsty Thursdays

4 Aug

Just woke up. It’s 7 AM. I am still fully clothed.

A pocket full of Baht, my cell phone, and wallet still on me.

As I rise from my slumber, I find a huge bottle of water next to my bed. Something that is most needed in Thailand.

I have never before felt the desire for water, that I feel here in Thailand.

Thirsty is a never-ending feeling here. It is exponentially increased with the abundance of cheap alcohol in Thailand.

Last night I met another house mate. An American from Oregon who is looking to party, and drink cheap boos..

I think I am going to like this guy.

My roommate, the French one, had his own thing going on, so we headed to Coco Walk for drinks and food.

Ordering here is strange, and I never really know what to order. We ordered a bucket of 4, 22oz beers, and two noodle dishes.

The spicy out here, is NOTHING like spicy that I have experienced. The bucket of drinks came in handy.



As we finished up dinner, we decided to go exploring. We wanted to find more bars, but that did not really work out.

We ended up walking up and down streets for the next hour or so. Just exploring around, and seeing what Thailand had to offer.

Went to 7-11 and grabbed more drinks. We went for the cheapest, and biggest bottles. Probably not the best idea thinking about it now.


It ended up being some sort of Rice wine.

After walking for what seemed like an eternity, we finally found some action. A market with people and vendors everywhere. Drivers in Tuk Tuks trying to get us to go to “ping-pong shows” and discos.

Had some great conversations, and met some really nice people. Unfortunately I was too occupied to snap many pictures.

Found this diamond in the rough in that very same market. A perfect condition BSA. I have no idea who’s it was, but I don’t think they ride it around Bangkok much.


Journeyed back home a couple of hours later, after another stop to 7-11.

I found myself asleep in the living room a couple minutes later. Laptop in lap, with wordpress open, finishing up the last post.

A great way to finish an awesome night.

I cannot wait to see what Friday night has to offer. Hopefully Bangkok doesn’t take us..



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