Kids Kids Kids

7 Aug

My eyes slowly open with the sound of the phone ringing.

iPod in one ear, pillow on the other, I look over confused at my roommate who doesn’t seem to budge.  I answer the phone only after finding out that it is for me. The conversation is a blur, as I was still trying to recover from my slumber.

Nights in Bangkok seem to never end. Everything is open all times of the hour, and we tend to embrace it.

As I start to become coherent, I feel a growl in my stomach.

Write. Shower. Clothes. Backpack. Room key.

The search for food starts again.

I head towards my favorite area, the street market. After grabbing a corn on the cob and some quick bread for on the go snacks, I am able  find a nice place to eat.


There is something about these small unknown places that appeals me.
They have a ambiance to them that is unlike any other.


I find myself constantly walking through alleys.
You never know when you are going to pass a street vendor with that perfect food or drink.


Bangkok street art.


I couldn’t help but take the long way home. A walk down the railroad tracks led me to a familiar friend.
He immediately recognized me from a far. As if we were long time friends, I was greeted by the family with smiles and bows.

Walking home can create quite a contradictory illusion. One minute you feel as if you are in the midst nature, the next you are in a city, surrounded in high rises.


After getting home, my roommate Kevin was headed back out. I couldn’t resist the opportunity for more Thai food.
Walking around, we were greeted by a swarm of children at a sidewalk restaurant.

Although the father cooked for us, it seemed to be run by this little one. He made sure to keep us entertained throughout our stay there.

I could’t help but snap shots of the kids.






IMG_2724 copy

She quickly became attached the camera.


The kids handed us the food, and patiently waited to see what we thought.  They made sure we knew to use both the spoon and fork.


My housemate and I have become quite the duo in Thailand.

Children in Thailand have a joy about them that is different from any other places I have been. Being surrounded by them has brightened my day. The most simple things make them so happy. Surrounded by a city, living in “poverty” seems to be a better place for kids to grow up. They learn the realities of life and enjoy the time they spend socializing with people around them.



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