Early Morning

12 Aug

I was awakened this morning by the sound of new mail coming from my Macbook.

It is unexpected, but just a single email can bring your day to a wonderful start.

After sending a couple of emails, I decided to head out to the market. I went out with only 42 Baht ($1.40), a camera, and  a hungry stomach.


I was able to finally find what will soon be one of my most frequent meals. It is what the Thai call “Buddha Salad”. The taste is unbeatable, and it’s perfect for a vegetarian on the go!


Even after getting buddha salad and rice to eat for later, I was still able to come back with 7 Baht in my pocket.
The ease and simplicity of life for me in Bangkok is unreal.


Spent last night eating and walking around the market.

After taking it easy last night, I am ready to see what journey awaits me today.

I had planned to head to Pattaya this morning with a group of exchange students from another residence, but ended up not getting to them in time.
It was partly my fault for not being decisive enough.

As I sit here writing at 11:25 AM I am tempted to take the 2 hr bus ride to Pattaya myself and see what happens.

Who knows where the day will take me.

Only tomorrow post will tell.


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