Across the Alley

31 Aug

As I woke this morning, I was greeted by the words of Robert M. Pirsig. A venture on, through a chautauqua of words and ideas.

Before I go on with my day though, I must recap on my Tuesday Journey.

As midday came, I arrived to school to meet with my fellow housemates. A talk that we all dreaded went much more smoothly than any expected.

Sven, Kevin, and I decided it was time to get some laundry done. After buying some detergent, we all grabbed our whites and ventured into the streets to find a washing machine.
After a long search we found a nice big machine near a the local Mui Thai boxing ring. Only 40 Baht for all of us.
As our clothes washed we walked in and out of the alleyways, finding food to buy and people to meet.
After speaking with the trainer at the Mui Thai ring, I think we may be finding ourselves in the ring by the end of the year.

The washing came to an end, and we headed back to our place to figure out how to dry the clothes.


It proved to be quite simple.



White clothing could be found all around the 1208 residence.


We all were exhausted after a long day outside.


Soon after I snapped the shot, I found myself being woken up by Kevin with shouts of dinner in the air.
We all ended up falling asleep in all corners of the apartment.


Food is always one of our favorite parts of the day.



We find ourselves eating at the “corner restaurant” at least once a day. I no longer need to tell them my special meal requests. We are simply greeted by Wais, and smiles now.



The restaurant owner and cook can’t help but join us. Always happy and excited to see us, he tells us of where he comes from and what we should see.


After dinner fruit is always a tasty option.



With the help of Kevin, we have now developed the 5 Baht rule.
If something is 5 Baht, we try it. No matter what.

After a quick walk to digest our food we found ourselves across the street at the “Coco Walk”. Exchange students gather to finish up the day with drinks, pool, and laughs.



Kevin glances up to the angelic figure above him.


As I was snapping photos I was stopped by my Michael with some friends visiting from France.
As he told me how much he enjoyed my blog he had only one compliant. He never found any pictures of himself.
I couldn’t let him stay unsatisfied.


It was one of my favorite shots of the night.

I then headed to the pool tables to play a game or two with my neighbor Axle.



As time went by I lost my spot on the table.



I took the time to just kick back, take some pictures and enjoy the night.
Sometimes the best things are right in front of you. Just across the street, or down the block. You never really know.


I wake now with anticipation.


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