Where is the Wat?

31 Aug

It is 1:20 AM and I just walked through the door.

A busy day with Kevin and Sven has got me exhausted.
Aching legs, a sore body, and a weak stomach.
Just lying around for a couple of days had gotten me in bad shape.

Yesterday was a day full of adventures. (Well not “yesterday” now, but the day before yesterday)

Both Sven and I decided that the concrete walls needed to be broken.

After I came back from my wonderful breakfast, we headed to the water taxi to see some of the beautiful temples Thailand has to offer.

As we exited the river. We were greeted by a very friendly Thai man. He insisted that we take a Tuk Tuk for “VERY CHEAP” and see all of the temples in the area.
Something I had heard was too often, but the sweet talk got Sven. He had never rode in a Tuk Tuk before, and I was up for an adventure so we decided to try it out.



He insisted on taking us suite shopping. As we both said no, we really had no choice.
Fortunately they don’t call me the Caveman for no reason.
I looked at the tailor, and politely said, “Do I look like someone who would need a suite”. Right away he realized he was speaking to the wrong crowd and let us on our way.

Our driver on the other hand was not too happy.
We ended up just giving him 20 Baht, and sending him on his way.

We ended up here.


Not too bad of a place to end up.



Spending time in a place as serene as this was quite amazing. Could not ask for more.


We attempted to go into the next temple as well. Unfortunately we wasted too much time riding around in a Tuk Tuk. It was closed.



We spent the rest of our time just walking around the area. Seeing new sights. Experiencing new things.


Who would have known that there could be so many beautiful buildings all within a block of each other.





Sven like I had no real agenda. We walked and walked, excited to be in a new and different area.
Traffic was everywhere.


As the night approached we both became hungry. Tired of Thai food we headed to the mall for something a little different.

We settle on a Japanese burger place.


A croquet burger and fries. By far one of the most original burgers I have experienced.



Yesterday, ( Monday, now two days ago) was quite the journey.

Great breakfast in the morning, and a grand tour of Temples in the afternoon.
The times are a changing.


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