Night in Japan

6 Sep

It is 12:48AM and the night is coming to a close.

The apartment is silent now. No longer to you hear the sounds of girls giggling, of YouTube videos, or Thai pop songs.
Only the clicks from my fingertips pressing on neatly formed square buttons.

My days are spent now with the companionship of Sven and Kevin. Class consumed 3 hours of our afternoon. After class, Sven and I headed to the local grocery store to store up on food.

I came back home only to find that Super-bike racing at Nurburgring was on the television. I quickly became consumed. After a quick nap we were greeted by the Japanese girls.
A usual occurrence, as we seem to be with them every night nowadays.

We decided that tonight we would all go to an authentic Japanese restaurant.
The 5 of us hopped into what was the slowest taxi ride of our lives.




Thirty minutes and 80 Baht later, we had arrived to the Japanese area in Bangkok.
We opted for the traditional style seating. Shoes off and ground seating.



Miss Hanae is full of funny faces.




The girls’ faces lit up as the food came in waves.



Soon the table was empty and the food was in our stomachs.

The taxi ride made us realize how nice public transportation in Bangkok was. We headed to the skytrain to take the nice way back home.


Hanae, causing trouble as usual, got stopped while trying to exit. Supposedly it was just a machine error, but I think she was trying to cheat the system.


The night came to a close after we learned more about Japanese culture thorough the technological break through called, “YouTube”.
A great way to enhance our knowledge of Japanese culture.

Who would have thought a shy Japanese girl, a half Thai half Japanese girl, an american from Oregon, a German Brazilian, and a Caveman would get along so well.

Thats the beauty of life. You never know whats coming for you.


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