In the Garden

8 Sep

As I sit here, soaking wet from the monsoon of rain I encountered on my walk home, I can’t help but reflect on how great my day has been.

It very well could be because of plethora of emails I have received from my many loyal friends and followers. The wave of emails started early yesterday, and have not stopped since.
I am ecstatic to hear that a wave of mail finally reached the states, and that more and more people are Following the Caveman.



Every time I receive or see photos of you all supporting both I and the blog, it makes it that much better.


I woke this morning with a sense of urgency to venture to new places.
I packed my backpack, changed and headed off into the morning light.

Walking aimlessly after a quick train ride, I finally found my destination for the day.

In the garden is where you can find me.
Enjoying the sweet sounds of Dido, and sipping on a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee.
I sit amongst the trees and fill my notebooks with words.
Of hellos and welcomes, of notes to myself, and letters to friends.
The Sounds of cars and motorbikes wizzing down the Soi do not disturb a thing. For when I am here I am in my own world.
Caffeine accompanies me. Takes me to a place in my head for which nothing can disturb me.
My mind can think differently. Creatively.
I am free.









I use photography as a medium to capture the creativity of my mind into everyday life.



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