Trying to Recuperate

16 Sep

I knew right away, as I woke this morning that something was off. Nothing seemed the same. Nothing seemed right.
I was still in a daze.

Was it my lack of sleep? Was it my weekend on Koh Pha ngan?

The answer I do not know. I tried my best to continue my day as if nothing were wrong, but like a freshly bitten mosquito bite, I couldn’t seem to shake it off.

The day seemed to get worse and worse. Even my favorite dish at school could not restore my body nor mind. Nothing seemed to be picking me up.

As class ended I thought of heading home for a nap, but even that sounded like a drag.
It was just one of those days…

But I decided to head o my favorite coffee shop, and get some pressing items out of the way.

As I walked into the door I was greeted as if I had been there just yesterday. They looked at me with smiles as if they had been expecting me. At first it confused me. But I thought about it a bit harder, and realized that I was here just yesterday.  The day had put me in such a funk, that I couldn’t even think straight.

Just yesterday I was enjoying the sunshine with a cup of coffee and a blue berry muffin.


I slowly began to realize how much better I had felt just a day ago.

I walked up to the counter and ordered a tea and a waffle. I wasn’t sure if it was the right choice at first, but after my first bite into the buttery sweet crispy waffle my day began to suddenly change.
Who would have thought that a waffle and tea could do so much?


With each and every bite I felt more and more alive.

I threw open my laptop screen and started gently pressing on the brightly lit keys and was suddenly taken back to times I had forgotten. As I clicked the button written, “Older” on the screen I swiftly went back in time. As I looked back on my blogs from the past I couldn’t help but reminisce on good times with old friends. Many of which are now following this blog as well. (I thank you all for your continued friendship and support. It means a lot to me)

Slowly I came more and more alive.
Until now.
Now looking back, I can’t even imagine how I was feeling earlier in the day.

As everything in life, feelings and emotions are ever-changing and forever transient.

I shall now end this post with a quote that I feel not only is relevant to this post, but to life in general.



“Neither anger not fury shall find lodgment in your mind and all your actions shall be marked with calm deliberation”


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