Sometimes a Little Can Do A Lot

17 Sep

I headed home last night feeling much better than on my way in.
I was seeing things clearer. Noticing the small details in everyday life.

As I walked past the BTS Station walkway I had to look twice at a sight that my eyes could hardly believe.

My mind was blown as I saw a girl who looked no older than me holding a baby sitting on the sidewalk. This was no young child, this was truly a newborn baby.
Still in shock, I continued up the stairs and on my way. I couldn’t help but look back every with every other step. Baffled by the sight, my mind was racing. What to do? what to say? What to think?

After maybe 50 steps my legs came to a halt, as I could no longer walk away from the sight.
I thought to myself.

My “Follow the Caveman” program gets a $3 donation for me to send stickers, postcards, and letters from different places throughout my journey abroad. What could that $3 donation do for someone here?
Three US dollars is 91 Baht here. 91 Baht is not a small amount here. A GOOD meal here costs me 25-40 Baht on average.

So as I thought of this, I opened up my wallet to find my last 200 baht wadded in a corner.

I walked back down. Walked towards the woman as she looked at me with the blank stare of despair. I grabbed 100 baht and reached out my hand. The mother did not even realize what I was doing. Her son, maybe 5 years old, told his mom to look. As she reached out to take the money, I saw a small smile emerge underneath a face full of emotions.

As I walked away I thought to myself, “I think the people who have donated will be happy to know that some of their donation went to this family.”

To me and you, that 100 baht isn’t really much. Sure I could have bought a slew of things in Thailand with it, but when it comes down to it, it really isn’t much.

So for all of you who have donated and are “Following the Caveman” I say thank you. Not only from me, but from the family in Bangkok who received a piece of you as well.


See more about what the “Follow the Caveman” really is by clicking on the tab above.


One Response to “Sometimes a Little Can Do A Lot”

  1. Nikki Nguyen September 18, 2011 at 1:56 am #

    This is raw man. I am sure your generosity will be appreciated.
    I am happy to know that this is the Darius I know.

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