Lazy Sunday

18 Sep

There is something about Sundays, almost as if it were a universal rule, for us to be a little more lazy.
Well I took advantage of that rule to the fullest effect today.

Woke up this morning feeling the wrath of the night before. Saying “No” to going out just isn’t an option. I felt my eyes open as the sun did. I found myself on top of my bed, a bit dazed and confused. As I peered out the window, I witnessed yet another beautiful sunrise in Thailand.


I then crawled back into bed, and got some more rest before starting my day.

Hours later, I finally got up and got the day started. Kevin and I decided to head to our favorite restaurant just down the alley way.


Rice and vegetables for the both of us this morning. Lucky for me I have a roommate who also enjoys a vegetarian dish.



We were quickly finished with our delicious meals. Kevin did not seem to happy to have a camera lens pointed in his face that early in the morning.


Tuk Tuks and scooters wizz past with every bite.



She was quite excited to have me photographing her.


I was quite hungry, and one dish just did not quench my hunger. So plate was necessary. Nothing but greatness comes out of his kitchen.


As we walked home this bike caught my eye. Something about creme and orange is just so pleasant to look at.


Soon after a pack of cyclists passed us. Made me realize how much I missed riding my bicycle. I remember days when I would spend a good 16 hours on seat of my bike. Exploring. Seeing new things.




I think I may have come to realize what I need in Thailand. A bicycle would be perfect. I have no idea where to start to look, but I think a cheap track bike may be in the near future.

A lazy day. Full of naps. Watching movies, and most importantly relaxing.

At first I felt bad for not really “doing” anything, but a relaxing day is sometimes exactly what we need.


One Response to “Lazy Sunday”

  1. Ken September 22, 2011 at 12:18 am #

    Darius, this is an amazing blog. You know I kept a journal of my first year here, too, but it was all handwritten. It was a big job keeping up with it all the time, I still don’t know how I did it, but I felt so accomplished when I finished it. I had snippets of old tickets and the like, but no pictures like these to compliment my descriptions. I’ve only ever shown that journal to just one person ever actually. It’s great that everybody can follow your whole trip here as it happens and it such great detail. Congrats, man.

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