This is BKK

23 Sep

It was a normal Thursday afternoon. Sven, Kevin and I decided to venture out into the depths of Bangkok.

We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

It started as we walked towards the main street. We decided to take a taxi.
Before we even could flag one down. A yellow taxi, with tinted windows, painted wheels, and a big spoiler came rushing up to drive us.
After a quick peek in, we decided that he was the one. Spoke good English and was willing to take us to the Grand Palace.
As we sat in the cab, he began to tell us that it would be much better if he just drove us to a river boat. Us, not knowing much, unfortunately agreed.


I saw familiar sites as we drove past unknown areas.




After a 70 baht taxi ride we were there. In the middle of nowhere. Deep down an alley, in the middle of Bangkok.
A lady walked up to us and urged us to sit. As she spoke to us we realized it was a scam. They wanted to charge 2,000 Baht for the 3 of us to ride on a boat.
I looked at the guys, and we all agreed that this was nothing we wanted to do.

So off we were. Out on our own two feet.


As if things could not get worse, the weather decided to make our journey even harder. Before we knew it was raining cats and dogs.
Out in the middle of nowhere, lost, in the rain. Quite a conundrum to be in.

Sven saw a bus that he believed would take us to the Grand Palace. We had no better ideas, so we all hopped in.


These looked familiar as well.


We drove and drove. None of us had any idea where we were. We saw unfamiliar places and building all around us. After a 30 min ride in the pouring rain. We saw the Grand Palace. As the bus was still moving, we all jumped out.

Overwhelmed with joy, that our journey had finally taken us to our destination.



Cannons to guard the palace.


We walked around and around. The entrance seemed to be nowhere. Just guards and people coming from all areas.


Sven and Kevin were bother once again by a Tuk Tuk who wanted to scam us. First time I had ever seen dual exhausts on one.


Finally we found the entrance. Walked up. Only to find that it was closed for the day.

Shot down again.

Just as if in a movie, the rain came down as we heard our bad news.

So we walked and walked. Looking for something to eat. Somewhere, somehow.

After a long walk. We decided to just head home. We headed to the river taxi this time. (Sometimes its better to just go with the things you know)

After another 30 minute walk in the rain we were there.


River taxi was there to take us home.



Well I have heard throughout the course of my life, that it is the journey, not the destination that is the true pleasure.
Thinking back, our whole trip was just one long journey, no destination.

I guess we had the perfect day then.




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