Free at Last

2 Oct

Midterms are done.

Freedom feels even better than I last remember it.
It’s now 4 AM. I woke up at 3AM as Kevin walked through the door.
My night ended earlier than usual, as I was exhausted from the midterms. Fun night out again. Feeling like a Thai now.

After midterms we headed to the pool to get our relax on. Swimming had both Kevin and I hungry so we headed to “The Guy” for a delicious meal.

On our way there, we passed the massage ladies, who insisted I photograph them.


At the restaurant there was a man enjoying his day, drinking and hanging out with us.



he took quite a keen liking to Kevin.




My second meal rolled out. An egg and rice sandwich. Fried Egg, rice, then a vegetable omelet.


Kevin was lovin his Fried Rice.



Headed back home for a quick rest.
Soon after a friend called, and I was off again. No camera these nights.

All and all, a great way to celebrate my freedom.
More to come, as I am looking forward to the second part of my semester.


Free at last. Free at last.


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