Part 1: Two Months in Paradise

5 Oct

It is now Wednesday October 5th. Yesterday went like a blur.
A post that I had started yesterday never was able to hit the blog. As much as I try to be on it everyday, sometimes life happens and things don’t work out.
A whole lot happened since yesterday.
So much that I have decided to break it up into 3 blog posts. Instead of posting the most recent things first, I have done them reverse so that by reading down you will be able to get a sense of my last two days.


I woke up this morning much later than usual. Getting my day started at 11 gets me feeling unproductive from the get go.

After eating breakfast and snapping a couple shots of the Nissan GTR, I decided to get my day started in a similar fashion to when I had first arrived.

I decided to venture out today. Not go to the same places to eat. To see if I could find a new place in Bangkok.
I soon found myself feeling as if I time warped back to 2 months ago.
Walking around backpack on, hungry, with no real sense of where I was going. I walked up and down a couple of streets, before deciding to just go for some street food.
Although it may sound strange to most, you can never really go wrong with street food. It always is fresh. It always ends up tasting ten times better than anything else you could get, at a fraction of the price.
I walked up to chef. A lady.
I looked around for a second or two, then said in Thai, “Vegetarian?” She looked at me, sort of blank, then looked around.

“Oh no…it is just like 2 months ago. No one understands me, ” is all that came to my mind.
Then she looked back at me and said in Thai, “Yes. Would you like Rice?”

“Chai, Chai, Korp Khun Krop!”  came from me before I could even think about it.

I excitedly took a seat, and got ready for what was going to be a totally new meal.
I sat. Looked around. Noticed that although quite different, I really liked the spot.


Soon after my food came to me. I looked around it to see if my Thai was understandable to her.
YES! No meat!
I decided to give it a taste before I got too ahead of my self.

A taste explosion of baby corn, mushrooms, lettuce, garlic, and chilies.
I looked up and smiled, as my day had suddenly come to a haulting change.


The sun slowly came out, and I realized that I was on to the start of an amazing day.


After a delicious and satisfying meal I headed down the road to my favorite coffee shop.

Just needed some time to relax outside and get some emails out.


I was assisted by a yummy Banana Strawberry smoothie.

After a while I decided that enough was enough. It was time to head back and see what was going on at the Evergreen. It was Dominic’s Birthday, and we all planned on celebrating it with a nice dinner buffet.

So I was off.
Mind still in awe over the victorious glory I had received while ordering food.


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