The Premise: Becoming Captain of the Black Pearl

11 Oct

It’s almost 8:45 PM on a Monday night in Bangkok. As everyone else prepares for what may be the knarliest flood Bangkok has seen in a long time, I am sitting here reflecting on my weekend journey.
(It was 8:45 PM when I started these posts, but it is now 12:25 PM Tuesday. Unfortunately these posts take quite a bit of time)

We woke this morning, feeling the wrath of our weekend adventure into the depths of Thailand.
Jungle treks, swimming amongst waterfalls, diving into caves, living on a river, walking along the tracks of old prisoners, making new friends, and so much more.

The weekend in no way can be explained on (virtual) paper, but through a series of posts, I hope to give insight into a weekend amongst the  Pirates of the Kanchanaburian.

Our day started off as we met at the center of Victory Monument. It was to be a five person journey this weekend. Our vehicle of choice for the start of our journey would be a minibus.



The minibus finally arrived. Excited to go, we jumped in, only to find that it truly was a MINI bus.


The four of us were stuck cramped on a bench seat in the very back of the bus. Backpacks all stuck on our laps. It did not stop us though.

After a nap, and a stop or two we were there. Kanchanaburi.
As we arrived, we were approached by a very small and nice Thai man. He offered to give us a drive us to our hotel. The price was right, and we hopped in.
Little did we know, we had just entered The Black Pearl.


A quick ride in the back of the Black Pearl, and we were at our residence for the weekend. We split by rooms. Sven, Kevin, and I took the 3 person room on the river.



The view from our back window. Throughout the night we would feel the place moving back and forth, as the river did.

We all were dying for food, so we headed to the streets to find a cure.


We found ourselves at Tai Thai.


After a meal, we looked for a place to enjoy some drinks and celebrate our weekend away.
As we walked, I spotted this classic Peugeot that caught my eye.


Something about the 1960s styling that just draws me every time.


After walking into a couple of mediocre bars, we settled at, The Buddha Bar.


While enjoying a cold beverage, I looked up and saw a leather motorcycle vest. Patches and the works on it. I asked the man helping us about it, and I saw his face glow.
I must have been one of the first people to ask about it. He smiled and grabbed me and took me to the back. A wall full of motorcycle posters, and MC clubs. He popped in a video of a local motorcycle meet.


As me and Sven watched, he ran up and with his leather vest in hand. He told Sven to get up and excitedly put it around his shoulders.


He was so excited to speak to us about his motorcycle club. Ironically, he didn’t own a bike himself, but boy did he love the motorcycle scene.

Before we knew it, he grabbed me and began to throw clothes on me. He told me to sit down and just go with it.
He got me up. Walked me to the mirror, and before I knew it I had transformed into Captian Jack Sparrow.


He had the full on outfit. Everything and anything you could imagine.
We walked around taking pictures with people and enjoying the company of other locals.

Before I knew it we had made friends with the whole bar.
One of the workers grabbed Kevin, and sat him to an empty table.


An arm wrestling match broke out.
After Kevin, it was my turn. I was Captain Jack now, and there was no way I would be giving up.


After a long match, it was a draw. Neither of us could move the other.

A full on party broke out as we got up from the table. Music started and drinks all around, got the party started.





Who would have thought that in Thailand a caveman would become a pirate.

The night proved to become a premise for the weekend ahead of us. The Pirate of the Kanchanaburian would be headed into depths of the jungle soon enough.

As I asked Sven to give me a recap of the night he simply said, “Uhh i don’t know. It was the simple life. Listening to Thai Music. Meeting new friends. It was awesome”.

I don’t think I could have explained it any better. There is a simplicity in the lives of those Thai people that must be experienced.


2 Responses to “The Premise: Becoming Captain of the Black Pearl”

  1. elwinderzoid October 12, 2011 at 5:29 pm #

    just finally found out your where your blog or what it was called.. miss you man! looks like ur having a blast.. i’d like to travel now

    • dariustii October 13, 2011 at 1:45 am #

      Hey man!
      Im really glad you found it… I can’t believe it is just now though. Miss you too. I need to talk to you. I have big plans for 2012. Have to see what your thinking and all as well.
      Email me anytime!

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