The Reality: Encounters with the Sirens

11 Oct

After a long day out in the sun, we craved the satisfaction that can only be found in a nice meal.
We headed to the local hotspot, Jolly Frog.

It most definitely turned us into a pack of jolly old fellows.


Jaan Martin ordered Pineapple Fried rice. Instead he was served what seemed to be Spongebob’s House.

What is a nice meal without a delicious beverage? We indulged in the local beer of choice, Chang.


Although strange to many, a bucket of ice must be ordered with every beer. The Germans cringed and made me promise I wouldn’t tell a soul. As if people at home knew how they were ruining beer, they would be banned for life.

The night went on, as we sat around the table, exchanging stories, and laughing into the night.
Soon we found that all around us had left. We were the last ones there. Searching for a place to go, we found ourselves falling victim to the cries of the Sirens.

Just as any band of pirates would, we were lured by the enchanting sounds of women at the waterfalls.



We were joined by fellow exchange students from Chula. Even they could not help but join us on our journey.


As the night carried on, games were played and laughs were heard.






Before we knew it, we found ourselves back at Buddha bar. This time with a much larger group.
Still though, Captain Jack Sparrow came out of the closet. We drank and danced, and carried on with our prate ways.
The night came to a close late into the night. Another night of fun among the Pirates of the Kanchanaburian.



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