A Good Beer with an Old Friend

12 Oct

As people prepared for the flood, I spent my Tuesday under rays of sunshine.

A good friend sent a donation last week. Included in her donation, she wrote,
“I just made 3 donations. I don’t want any postcards in return, I just want you to have a decent meal and drink on me :)”

I was speechless. I really had no idea what to say or do. It was not until I walked out of the house Tuesday morning that I realized that ‘today was the day’.
It was a beautiful day in Bangkok.  What better way to enjoy it, other than having a good beer and meal with an old friend.
So I headed to my favorite local pub, Bully’s, for a delicious meal, and a good old beer on tap.


I walked in, and a familiar face greeted me. The bar tender had remembered me from my last visit. I looked around to see what I was going to order today.
I looked and looked and couldn’t decide. Tired of all of the cheap light beers I have been having here in Thailand, I decided I wanted a good old dark beer.
My eyes kept getting drawn to the big dark Guinness tap right in front of my eyes.  I decided that it would be my drink of choice.


It was most definitely the right choice.
As the dark creamy beer ran down my throat, I couldn’t help but be brought back to summers in the Bay Area drinking with my friend and enjoying her company.

I looked up and down the menu, but only for a second, before I realized I already knew what I wanted.
The White Fish Sandwich.
Every time we would go for beers at my favorite local brewery back at home, I would indulge on deep-fried fish.
Today would be no different.


The combination proved to be perfection. Nothing less.

Soon though the Guinness was done, and I was left sitting there wanting more.
Although a good dark beer is my personal vice, I knew she would have done other wise.

I looked around. I thought and thought. What should I drink.
Then I saw it. White, red and gold. How could I have even questioned it.
Two words came out of my mouth, and the bar tender came back with perfection.


Stella Artois.
Class at its finest.
Always the right choice.

As I drank the delicious Belgian brew, I couldn’t help but think of nights on the town when we would get classy and sip on the good stuff.
It never was wine. Only Stella.

A delicious meal and great brews put me in the perfect mood.

I spent the rest of my day exploring areas of Bangkok. It was quite the journey, but I save it for a later post. For now I would like to simply focus on my lunch out with an old friend.

Although I spent the day alone in physical presence, I was with her in mind and spirit.

Little things like these bring me back to good times with close friends. It did not sadden me though.
It simply brought me joy.

So here’s a toast to you. Mistress of Mystery.
Cheers for the good times and memories. Of summertime relaxing and conversations at the pubs.




2 Responses to “A Good Beer with an Old Friend”

  1. Nikki Nguyen October 13, 2011 at 12:30 am #

    coronas are next .

    • dariustii October 13, 2011 at 1:46 am #

      Coronas are actually quite fancy here, or at least in Europe. Haven’t seen them here yet. If I do, you know what I will do 🙂

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