Snow Day in the Tropics

26 Oct

Living in California all my life, I remember being a kid and hoping and praying for a snow day.
Who would have thought that moving to Thailand I would get my wish?

As we returned from Laos on Monday, I was greeted by a call late that night. I was informed that although to me the flood had gotten much better, school was to be cancelled this whole week because of the flood. As we had thought it was getting better, in all actuality it was getting worse.

We had contemplated spending this week traveling, possibly take a little trip out to Vietnam or Cambodia. But after a quick deliberation, I decided that I needed to stay in Bangkok this week and focus on school. With 2-3 projects and papers due soon, it would make most sense to just stay here, work on them and get school out-of-the-way.

So I spent yesterday in my room. Both resting and working. Getting my creative juices flowing, and getting work done.
Today was the same. I woke with the sun rise and got my day started early.
I headed off to my favorite place to get work.
Today was a croissant plate, with eggs, and coffee to jumpstart my brain.


As I sat here working on my paper, I suddenly received another email. The floods are getting worse, and school is to be cancelled until November 7th.
So I guess I lied. It’s not a Snow Day, its more like a Snow (couple of) weeks.
Who know what these next couple of weeks will bring for the caveman.

Here is a couple pictures not yet posted to give all a little insight into how it is here in Bangkok during these times of flood.


Grocery stores and 7-11s are about as empty as they could ever be.


Noodles and bread are obsolete.


And Bottled water is by far the hardest thing to find these days. All stores are out, as people are stocking up in case of the worst.


But even in these times of confusion people stay positive.
The ladies in front of 7-11 are still cheerful and could not wait to smile for the camera.


Walls are being built taller now, and people everywhere are coming together to help prepare all of their houses and stores for the rush of water that is said to be coming any minute.


It makes me feel so good to know that we were able to help out the people of our new home. Although I posted a couple of pictures last week, I have been in such a rush that I was unable to post up all of the pictures.


Being amongst all of the people, helping right along side them was quite a satisfing feeling.


Hundreds of people came to help. More people than you could imagine. It’s really amazing to see how many people can come together and work for a greater cause.







It was a great feeling, to know that we as well could help along side the locals.

Just as I was sure that the weather in Thailand was getting better, as I stood over my balcony, I saw this huge cloud coming in towards us.


The rain comes and goes. It’s hard to really say what will happen to where I live, but lets hope for the best in all of Thailand.

I also wanted to give out a little notice to all of my faithful followers. Do not think that I have forgotten you. Postcards have been gathering and gathering. I have many that have been written and ready to be sent out, but with the floods all around Bangkok, I have decided that it’s best to hold off for a while.
I would hate to have all of the postcards be ruined or lost with all of the water here.


I promise that soon you all will be hearing from me though your mailboxes.


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