A Day At the Beach

1 Nov

It’s morning once again in Vietnam and we are off again.
Traveling doesn’t seem to stop as we just arrived to the beach city of Nha Trang yesterday morning.

The day started out a bit shaky, but it’s funny how quickly things can turn around.
I started and ended my day, walking along the beautiful beach, just across from where we are now staying.
Costal people are different. They have a kindness and peacefulness that I think is a result of the beauty they are constantly surrounded by.

As I walked down the beach the morning to myself, a bit angry and upset, a man approached me and ended up turning it all around. He offered me to come sit with he and his wife and enjoy breakfast along the beach and learn a bit about spirituality.
His kindness is something you rarely find anymore.

It these little things in life, from the people I meet through my actual journey, or the people who I meet and speak to through my “journey of a caveman” blog, who bring me up and make me realize how great people can be.


PS: Posts and emails have been seldom because access to Internet is about as rare as bottled water in Bangkok.
Thank you to all my loyal followers !


One Response to “A Day At the Beach”

  1. secret girl. November 1, 2011 at 10:15 pm #

    i wanna told you about a bottled water in bkk you can found anywhere now,:)

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