A “Little” Can Do A Lot

6 Nov

I have found through my life, and most importantly here, that a “little” can really do a lot.

Although this was the title for my posts n which I would donate a “little” to a person of need here in Bangkok, this time it has to do with me.
Coming back to Bangkok has really made me happy again.
I spent both my days “Beyond the Lens”.
Just walking around. Seeing familiar faces. Having people on the street asking me where I’ve been and how I’m doing.Standing around and speaking to the Tuk Tuk drivers. Seeing my favorite massage ladies. Going to my favorite local restaurants. Sitting down and already having an order already taken, because they already know what I want.
Meeting new people at restaurants. Exchanging thoughts, ideas, smiles, laughs and contact info. Making new friends. Becoming more in tune with the locals. Becoming one of the locals.
Walking at night through the street market and buying little things here and there. Being able to speak the local language, and understanding what the lady through the market is saying.

It’s these little things, that make me happy going through the day.
And as if things couldn’t get any better, today I reached total Thainess.
Yes. Today I became a real Thai.
Not only in my head, but I could see the Thai people around me realizing it as well.

I walked down my favorite street, and as I passed “The Guy” he asked me what I was up to. After a couple words and laughs, I told him I wanted some Thai Coffee. He said a couple words in Thai to the man next to him, and before you knew it, I had my Thai Coffee ready. I looked at it and realized he had put it in a glass. I told the man I needed it for take away. He ran back and got it ready for me. And as he walked back out with my coffee, excitement overwhelmed me.


Yep… I got my tasty beverage in the Thai Canteen of choice; A BAG.

Happiness overwhelmed me, as only the Thai get the bag. And it was being given to me.

As I walked back home I saw people around me looking. They looked at me, then at my bag, and back at me. Confusion on their faces.
I just looked back and smiled, as they as well as I knew what I was now; THAI.

It may seem strange to most, but a bag is the single best thing to put a beverage in. You can hold it with one finger. Walk with it. Swing it. Ride a bike with it. Throw it over your shoulder. Hang it on things.
The possibilities are endless!

So now I am satisfied. To many this is a small thing. For me this means a lot.

As well as this, there have been some other things I haven’t mentioned.
Walking past the reception I have surprisingly been stopped lately. Not because I haven’t paid for something but because I have been receiving mail.
What a GREAT feeling it has been.

Somehow people have gotten a hold of my address and are ironically sending me postcards. I must say it feels great to hear back from my friends and family back at home.
Emails and electronic communication have been great, and really cheer me up. But when I received these postcards it just made it that much better.

So for those of you who sent them, (and you know who you are) I thank you.  It really means a lot to me.

IMG_8539 copy

To my loyal followers, I am sad to say that I have gone to the post office 2 days in a row now only to find it closed. I am unsure of what has happened, but I beleive that the flood is causing it.
Unfortunately cards and postcards are put once again on temporary hold.

I am sorry and hope to have them out soon.


And as the title states, the “A Little Can Do A Lot” donations are still happening.
After my first post, I got a lot of positive feedback, as people were happy to hear about it. But unfortunatly since the floods, and all of this travel I haven’t been able to post of any other donations.

Seeing the faces of the people on the streets light up when I give to them what to us is deemed as “nothing” is priceless.


Thank you to all of my followers, and here is another Mother who got a lot, from what to us is just a little.



3 Responses to “A “Little” Can Do A Lot”

  1. Bam November 6, 2011 at 6:18 pm #

    How are you doing? 🙂 I like reading your posts hehe. Jus knew u like tea bags. You are becoming Thai now hhehe,, c u at unii

  2. Bam November 7, 2011 at 1:25 am #

    Hey how r u doing Darious? 🙂 I like reading your posts hehe. Jus knew that you like teas in bags! Hope you r doing fine~ c u at uni !

  3. Nikki Nguyen November 7, 2011 at 6:31 am #

    its official. Those tea bigs will be the center of a our new business model when you come home. hahah

    A little bag with endless possibility, I am now beginning to see perhaps what our mind and efforts can become if I bag can serve a purpose just as well. I was hoping to hear about the good deed, but regardless I am satisfied. Keep up the good posts man!

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