Less Color More Love

12 Nov

Yesterday I walked out of what very well could have been he best lecture I have yet to experience here at Chula. I couldn’t help but want to keep the goodness in my life rolling.
So after grabbing a quick bit to eat, I headed to the underground train. As heading back home would simply bring me back down.
My destination? Only the place I most enjoy.
Coffee Alley in the Garden


Days when I need to relax, get away from it all, or get some work done, you can find me under the trees enjoying a cup of tea.

I walked down familiar steps, yet was greeted by an unfamiliar face. As I got down to the bottom of the steps, all I could see were two big eyes, of a child staring at me. Theres an innocence in the eyes of a child that cannot be forgotten.
Her mother sound asleep, yet she was up. Just looking around at the busy life surrounding her. After a couple of seconds of just observing, something hit me.  I pulled out my wallet and camera almost simultaneously.  As I pulled out the pink 100 Baht bill, I saw her eyes light up.
A smile that could melt the heart of any person.

I couldn’t help but be memorized by her presence. Soon all around me saw it as well.
Passer-by’s were stopping, looking at me, then to her and I saw a smile emerge as people realized what was happening. People all around couldn’t help but stop and enjoy the sight of her.

It brough joy to me to see her, to see all the people around get a little warmth from it. As things like this spread like wildfire.

Her photos are worth 1,000 words.







No only can deny that seeing a face like hers warms up the soul.


As I walked home many hours later, I passed her by once again. Only this time to find her mother awake and food in their hands.
As I walked past, both her and her mother looked up at me, almost as if she knew it was me who had handed her daughter that money. She said nothing. Just the look in her eye and the smile said it all.
I gave her a grin. Waved good-bye. And went on my way.

It’s these little things in life.


3 Responses to “Less Color More Love”

  1. Nikki Nguyen November 12, 2011 at 2:25 pm #


  2. Nikki Nguyen November 12, 2011 at 2:32 pm #

    Just sent another donation to fuel the soul on your journey.

    • dariustii November 12, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

      Thanks you. I really appreciate it, and I am sure someone else soon will appreciate it as well.
      I hope you know that you were the first one that popped into my head after I saw them. I remember you wishing I had a story for the last one.
      Here it is. Thanks man!

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