Coffee Shop Work

14 Nov

I woke early this morning as we left the blinds open last night to rise with the sun.
A great feeling, as getting an early start to the day, jumpstarts my brain into a thought processing machine. Knowing that I work better in the mornings, I headed straight to the Coffee Shop to get working on projects due in the upcoming week.

As I opened up my laptop and began working I was struck by a notice that I have been dreading to hear.
“Notice: Startup Disk is reaching it’s limit”

So now I am stuck. My 500 GB hard drive is close to full and my iPhoto Library is no longer allowing me to add pictures.

Defiantly a dilemma. No new pictures can be added. All video projects I have been working on have to go on hold. So while I wait to move to get an external hard drive and/or move things to “the cloud”, I will be using a different medium to capture images and my journey.

With the help of my iPhone and a new app called “Camera+” I will be able to keep posts and pictures flowing.
I’m still not sure how it will turn out, but I must say the App seems to have really great features. For 99 cents you can’t go wrong.



One of my term projects entails examining some of the most influential CEOs of our time. I have to say that while choosing Apple and Starbucks is not proving to be the easiest, but most defiantly the most inspiring.

This quote was too fitting for me not to include it into todays post while wokring at the coffee shop.


” The next time you walk by a coffee shop, peer inside. Take in the variety of people in line or seated. Men and women in business attire. Parents with strollers. College students studying. High school kids joking. Couples deep in conversation. Retired folks reading newspapers and talking politics. And, of course, scores of people sitting in front of laptops searching, downloading, listening, reading and writing books, blogs, business plans, resumes, letters, emails, instant messages, texts…whatever their hearts desire. Consider how many of those people furiously clicking away on keyboards and scribbling idea on napkins might be working to create the next Google, Alibaba or Facebook, or composing a novel or piece of music. Maybe they are falling in love with someone sitting next to them, Or making a friend.”


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