Night At the Terminal Gates

16 Nov

We spent last night at the terminal gates.
Who would have thought that I would have been able to go to Japan, England and California and back in one night?

The possibilities are endless in Bangkok. Even if you can’t really go back home, they create “home” in Bangkok.

Last night we decided to stray off the normal path once again, and get dinner somewhere new. Although I had been there already, we headed to Bangkok’s newest attraction; Terminal 21.


As if Thailand didn’t have enough malls already, they created another one. Once that is built to resemble an airport. Not only does it resemble it, but each floor is a different country and city.

Although I went camera-less yesterday, here are pictures I had snapped exactly one month ago, when I first went there.

As it was the grand opening, the mall was full of celebrities.


The mall is pretty amazing.
Filled with escalators to take you from any place to the next.


As I stared up towards the sky, I saw a familiar friend.
I couldn’t help but smile to see somewhere that reminded me of home.


The mall is filled with things from all over the world. Every turn you are amazed by the next beautiful thing.


Then as I looked for food, I saw a crowd of people huddled around a woman. Who she was and what she is famous for I have no idea. All I know is that flashed were going off like paparazzi that just saw Britney Spears, and I couldn’t miss out on the action.



Constantly traveling with an entourage, I was curious to know who she was. I guess I will never know.

As I went to the top floors I saw another sign that made me shine inside.


Familiar roads reminded me of my last days in the states. I spent my last Saturday in San Francisco. With no one but my faithful companion who has still never let me down.
My bicycle.
Riding up and down the hills of San Francisco, from one end to the other was something I can’t forget. There’s something about that city that just brings the life out of you.




I headed to the food court only to find that they had a vegetarian restaurant. Bingo!
Great food and cheap too!


After spending hours traveling from one city to the next I was exhausted. I headed back down on the express flight.



What a journey.
The places people create nowadays are amazing. To some it was just a mall, but to me I was taken back home again for a night. A nice little reminder of how much I miss home.

I headed out and was hit with the excitement of cars, people, sounds, lights, and smells.


I had traveled the world in one night. I went back to the Bay area and back.

And  suddenly realized how much I had missed my new home.


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