Saturday Satisfaction

20 Nov

I woke this morning with a soreness I haven’t felt in a long time.
I mean sure, I have woke up sore numerous times over the last month, mostly from the aches and pains from my accident, but today is different.
Today I am sore from, EXERCISE.

It’s funny. You don’t understand how important physical activity is in your life, until you are deprived of it. After my accident, I was unable to really do anything that involved strain of the body. No more gym, no basketball, no sports, no…nothing.
But yesterday that all changed.


Before I continue on about my amazing Saturday, I should give a little recap on whats been going on, and why there have been no posts in such a long time.
Well, this week proved to be one of the most hectic weeks I have had in Thailand.
School is wrapping up (only 2 more weeks), and  all my classes had final projects due.
So in between school, rest, and life, I have had almost no time to take a single picture and post it up.
The week has consisted of many trips to coffee shops, and lots of caffeine.


I spent one night at Coffee Society, working until 2 AM. It may be more expensive than most, but open 24 hours, and free, fast wifi.

The thing I love about Bangkok, is that you could have your face stuck behind a screen until 2 AM, and still come out to the most lively streets.


The rest of my days this week have consisted of many things that have sparked my interest, but those will be expanded upon within the next couple of days.

So yesterday as we all woke up after a long night of celebration, we came together to have a Saturday afternoon in the sun.
Today was going to be my day to experience real Football.

We headed to Chula, and got ready to find a field to play





Finding a field proved to be much more difficult than expected, but in the end we found what we needed.


As always Lucas cannot help but pose for the camera.


And Kevin is caught in his naturalness.







The face of a champion.






The ultimate goal keeper.


I ended up just holding down the goal most of the games, but goalie is a position that I enjoyed playing.

We played game after game under the hot sun. I have to say that it was an amazing feeling to be back on my feet running around.
Being away from it, made me appreciate it even more. Lazy to take pictures as I just wanted to keep on enjoying myself out on the field.

On our way home, Kevin made a monumental suggestion.
Look for the post, as we had a magical meal in Bangkok.



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