Lunch With New Friends

21 Nov

Throughout my journey I have been lucky to meet a lot of really amazing people. Everyday I see a new face. Get a surprising email from a follower. Make a new friend. Join old friends.
But some days you unexpectedly run into people  who end up changing the way you see life as you know it.

Exactly last week, that is what happened to me.

It was a normal Monday morning. I got up. Got my things together, and headed towards the BTS to get a jumpstart on my studies.
I entered the elevator, with more people usual. I glanced to my right and noticed a couple I had not seen yet before. Something about them caught my eye. I don’t know what it was. Possibly just a new set of warm faces. Possibly it was the woman’s long red hair I envied, as mine was tied back.
I still to this day do not know, but something about the pair grabbed my attention.

We exited the elevator and I headed down the street. Music in both ears, in my own world. As I went up to enter the train I noticed the same pair. Walking into the same train. Coincidence I suppose.
As I got to my stop I headed out the door, only to find them doing the same. Coincidence once again.

So I went on my way. To the coffee shop I headed. I spent the better half of my morning there, getting ready for classes and projects. I even took some time to post a blog.
As the clock struck noon, I left, as I needed to get to class.

I walked to the MRT, the underground railroad, to take a train straight to Chula.
After buying a token, I headed down to the train platform. I stood there enjoying my new music, yet something had caught my eye.
I looked over only to see the same couple. Getting ready to go on the same train as I once again.
Confused looks over their face, they seemed lost.

I walked over. As they looked towards me, we all could not help but smile. We had not said a word to each other, but we both realized we had met once again.
I did my best to help them with directions, and came to find out they needed to go the same way as I.

As we entered the train we began a conversation.
We only rode together for maybe 5-10 minutes, but in that short amount of time, I felt like I really got to know them. We spoke of school. Of life. Of family. Of our different homes. Of where we had been and where we were going. They have me suggestions, as I did for them.

Before we knew it, it was my stop.
We said our goodbyes and went on our own ways…

As the week went by, we coincidentally crossed paths numerous times.
In the elevator. On the street.
Every time for only a minute or two. But every time learning a bit more about each other.

They had told me on Wednesday, that they soon would be headed back home. I was disappointed to know that we no longer would be bumping into each other, but very happy to have met them.

So I decided to write a little letter to them, tell them thanks, and include a decal, for them to be able to follow my journey.

As the end of the week came, I had no longer bumped into the lovely couple.They were on their way home.
But as I walked past the reception desk, the lady called me over and handed me a card.

I opened it up only to find a hand written note, a train pass, and 500 Baht.
My mouth dropped to the floor, as I was expecting nothing of the sort.
I didn’t know what to say nor what to do.

I read the card, and as they had expressed their gratitude for the letter I had written them, they also included a little note that read…


Taking “gifts” from people, is always hard. I didn’t know what to do.
But I thought about it, and realized that there was only one thing to do.
Go enjoy a great lunch with no one else but my two new friends.
Although they were not there in a physical sense, there were with me in heart and mind.

I decided to dedicate this post to them. So that they could get a little insight into how they had made my week an amazing one, and how great the lunch was.

Yesterday, after class I decided that it was going to be the day. I would be enjoying a lunch with my new friends.
They had told me about this great place they had gone the night before.
Cabbages & Condoms.
Funny name, but an amazing place. I decided that would be my destination.


As I walked in, I immediately knew that this was exactly what I needed.

I decided to sit outside and enjoy the scenery, as it was in a beautiful location. Trees of green, and cool air.



As I opened the menu, my day became even better. Vegetarian options were plentiful and looked delicious.


My waiter approached me and asked if I wanted anything to drink. I remember the couple telling me that they had enjoyed a beer. So I decided to get a beer for one, and a Pinta Cola da for the other.
I was going to enjoy my lunch out with them, just as they would have wanted me to.


I was parched from all of the walking I had done, and decided to get a good beer for a change. It had been quite a while since I was able to drink a “real” beer, so I said why not? Might as well enjoy my time.
After one sip, I was in heaven.
The frothy German Wheat beer flowing through my system, made me remember how much I missed drinking a good beer with friends.


So as I enjoyed my beer, I decided to open up my card once again and read the letter they had enclosed.


Reading it again I was amazed at how gracious and giving the couple were. Nowadays finding people with hearts as big as theirs is a rarity.
It truly moved me, to think that two people who had met me only days before would be so kind.
Its things like these that give you hope and make you realize that there are so many amazing people in the world.


My food soon came out.
Pa-nag Curry with mushrooms and rice.
One word to describe it.


Before I dug in I stepped back and looked at all that was in front of me.
I was so excited to be enjoying this great meal with and on behalf of my two new friends.


As the meal came to an end, I was stuffed.
The meal was amazing, and they drinks were to die for.
The waiter came up after it all had been taken away, and asked if I cared for any dessert. I wanted to say no, but I couldn’t help it.


Mango with sweet sticky rice.
To die for.

My bill came around and instead of a mint, I was given a different kind of take away.


I looked around and realized that all of this was thanks to the couple I had met just one week ago. It was surreal.
I don’t think I could ever thank them enough.




So I wanted to write this post. Not only to show you how amazing my meal was, or to explain another great place to eat in Bangkok.

But to show how the smallest of actions, can lead to unexpected friendships, and amazing experiences.

So heres to you Sue and Gary!
You two not only gave me an amazing lunch, but gave me a totally new outlook on life. I am confident to say that amazing and giving people still exist in the world, although many seem to doubt it.
I hope that we meet again in the future.
Whether it been sooner or later, I hope that you know we will be friends forever.


It just shows you once again, how a “little” really can do a lot.


-The Caveman


4 Responses to “Lunch With New Friends”

  1. Nikki Nguyen November 21, 2011 at 2:33 pm #

    Your writing has changed folds since you have ventured on your journey. This is awfully inspiring and brings a breath of fresh air for someone like me.

  2. nasus123 November 21, 2011 at 7:15 pm #

    Fantastic lunch, we enjoyed reading about your visit to a restaurant, the description and photos made us feel that we were actually there with you, it was very moving. you have a wonderful talent.
    p.s. order water for me next time.

    • dariustii November 26, 2011 at 11:07 am #

      Thank you so much again. I am glad that you felt as if you were there. It was so nice to meet you both and I hope that we cross paths sometime later in life.

  3. Flo November 21, 2011 at 9:18 pm #

    Oh that Paulaner Weißbier looks so fucking good!! Now i really can understand that you enjoyed your food there!!

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