Thai Dinner With the Boys

24 Nov

As our time together in Bangkok is coming to an end, we have been doing the most we can to enjoy the people, places and food around us.
So as Sven, Kevin, and I headed out to the streets to eat, we picked up little Yaap on our way. By far, one of the funniest Duchies I know.

We walked down the road, hoping to eat at our usual night spot, an outside restaurant that is inexistent all day. It is not until nightfall that you magically see a full on restaurant appear on the side of the road.
Well that night the magical “BTS” restaurant was nonexistent as well.

Sad and confused on what we should now eat, we walked around until we finally found the place where we would be enjoying dinner.

As soon as we sat we decided to order a couple of bottles of Chang.



As the drinks pour, the smiles start to emerge.


It was going to be a seafood night.
AS we were in a real deal Thai restaurant, we ordered “Thai style” and decided that we would be sharing everything.


When you order prawns in South East Asia, you really get a Prawn.
The whole thing.
Head. Legs. Tentacles. Eyes.


It doesn’t stop Kevin though.



Sven’s order of squid had finally came.
He was quite excited to eat as he wanted to make sure he ordered separately so it would not be spicy.


Well… he thought wrong.


After one bite, Sven realized he had made a big mistake. I saw his face turn from excited to sad.


We felt for him, so we pured some more drinks and did all we could to cool his, as well as our mouths.


By far this is one of the best ways to have food served to you.
Fiery hot coals underneath, and tasty squid on top.




The aftermath.


Smiles all around as we had just finished a real deal Thai meal.
Beer with ice. Sharing Seafood.
No complaints.




We looked back at our meal with triumph. The Thais around us all looked around with confusion. First wondering why we were there, then wondering how we knew what to order and how to eat it.
The soon realized that although we look like westerners, we are no tourists.

I will finish the post in the words of Jaap.
I don’t think anyone could have said it better.


Three months ago we would be looking at the food asking what it is; Now, we just stick it in our mouth.”


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