Caveman Thanks

29 Nov

Its a Tuesday afternoon, and I sit amongst ambient light, a laptop, and a notebook doing all that I can to keep my concentration on the studies ahead of me. The smell of espresso, and sounds of music, make it even more difficult for a Caveman to study.
But as I sit here and reminisce on the days that have passed and ideas that have not yet been posted, I cannot help but notice that an appropriate thanks is in order.

My travels have opened my eyes to many new and exciting things. I have seen lots and experienced much more. But from all of this I have found that the most important things have been the new and old friends who have followed me along this journey.

So I want to thank you.

Thank you to all of my loyal followers.
To the thirty or so of my subscribers.
To those who have commented.
To those who have liked.
To those who have donated.
To the people who have simply stumbled across the blog.
To all of you who have contributed to my posts.

Thank you so very much, as without you all, blogging about my Journey would not be half as exciting as it is.
So I will end this post, not with pictures that I have taken or of places I have been, but pictures I have received from my loyal followers.
As they have been kind enough to also share a piece of their journey with I.


A Thanksgiving card from the Cavefamily.


A Black Friday greeting from the Rick Dawg.

My newest follower.

“The Right Start”: A San Franciscan Sunrise.

“The Right Start”: Greetings from Brazil. A sunrise on the beautiful coast.

Unexpected postcards received from followers.

A loyal follower’s “Caveman Memorabilia” on the wall.


Thank you all once again.

I love hearing from you all and thank you for all of the continued support.


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