Thanksgiving Dinner

29 Nov

With the start of finals, and the beginning of the end of my stay in Bangkok, life has been quite busy.
Trying to do all the last-minute things while spending time with friends, has taken up most of my energy, leaving little to nothing for the blog. For that I am sorry, but I hope you all understand.

Many have been wondering what we did for Thankgiving. Well heres it

Last Thursday marked Thanksgiving. A holiday celebrated by many where I come from, but quite the contrary here. Although this was the case, I had quite the Thanksgiving, to say the least.
One of the American girls, Kim, decided to set up a Thanksgiving Dinner Potluck.
Much to my surprise it was a total success, and there was more food, drinks, and laughs than I would have ever expected.

As dinnertime came, we all were busy working in the kitchen getting ready for the feast. As usual the Caveman and boys from 1208 were the last o arrive.
We came to the sight of tables upon tables full of food.


People as far as the eye could see. We had filled up the entire room from wall to wall.




As all Thanksgiving celebrations should be, it was filled with laughter and smiles.



Svenino kicked back and relaxed after a busy day in the kitchen.






Sometime throughout the night we turned it to channel 12 and played “Big Brother”. We spotted the Norwegians downstairs at the lobby. After a phone call or two, they decided to give us a little show.



Food had came and food and went.
Faster than we could imagine.


The perfect Thai Thanksgiving photo. Empty plates. Chang Beer. Leo Beer. and Pots and Pans.



We decided to spluge and buy something a bit different from the norm.
My new favorite beer. Paulaner Wieber.



All in all, it was an amazing Thanksgiving. I would have never expected to feel so great spending a Thanksgiving away from my family.
But I guess it wasn;t untill Thanksgiving that we all came to realzie that we had slowly become a small family ourselves.

I am truly Thankful for all of the friends I have made and all of the relationships that continue to grow in my lifetime.



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