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Christmas Present

30 Dec

I’ve been so busy for these last couple of days being a tour guide, I haven’t had the time to sit down and write about it.

Christmas this year, I was givin the gift of my Mother and Sister.
I have to say it was quite nice.
Although I didn’t quite see them out of the gates until early on Dec. 26th, it still was quite the treat.


Well a day out and about has got me exhausted.

I hope to have a more through update soon!


Christmas In the Village

26 Dec

So it’s the day after Christmas now. A lot has happened in the last day or two. People have left, yet at the same time more people have come to join me.

But before I go on about that, let me speak now, on how I really spent my Christmas.

Although the feeling of Christmas was all around in the big city of Bangkok, it was not where I decided to spend my Christmas.

I spent my Christmas in the “Village”.

Four or so days ago, I woke up from a night out only to find myself in a complete foreign place. I looked around.
No friends I could recognize. No place I could familiarize.
As I slowly got up I looked around only to realize I had no idea where I was.
I opened the door only to find clear blue skies, and green all around me. No buildings. No people. Only nature.

As I sat out on the porch, my memory soon came to me, and I realized that after sharing a taxi ride with some people I had met, I ended up at their house. Far from home and confused I ended up just sleeping there.

Well I ended up making a few friends that day. After a day in this “village” I had a made a new friend and found a totally different side of Bangkok, that I feel is seldom explored.
So as I said my goodbyes I knew it was a place I would have to venture back into. The people I had met, and the things I had seen are unable to explain with words.
I felt as if I had a new little family here in Thailand.

So as Christmas Eve came along I ventured back into this new and different area. After a long skytrain ride, a couple of motorcycle taxis, and a boat ride later, I was there.

So here is my story of how I spent my Christmas Eve.
Among my Thai family.


As I crossed the big river, the sun was setting, yet my day was just beginning.


As I arrived to the house, I was greeted by little Garfield. A big ball of fun.


Six years old and ready to take over the world with his charm.



Walking around the area was a breath of fresh air.


As I arrived, my new friends were already busy cooking. As it was Kung’s Birthday on Christmas Eve.


The first thing they told me was “Are you ready to learn how to cook Thai food?!”
There was no way I was, but I just said yes anyways.
She turned on the wok, and pointed at a bag.
I looked and saw French Fries.
“French Fries?… You want me to cook French Fries?”
They looked at me blankly and just said, “Yes!”

So I was in charge of the very intricate Thai dish of french fries.


Soon I realized that there was not much I needed to do, other than make sure they didn’t burn.
So I decided playing with Garfield would be more up my alley.


So we played with a variety of hula hoops.
We ran around together.
Sword fought with pieces of straw.
I taught him how to fly in my arms.
And did all things most fun in life.

But soon dinner was ready and we needed to be serious.


A wide variety of dishes, flavors, and foods.


The birthday girl was quite happy to finally have all the food done.


Although it was Kung’s birthday, it was Garfield who would be the one to blow out the candles.


Auntie and her Garfield.


As the night went on more people came and soon people left.
The celebration was far from over though.
We simply moved inside to continue our party.

The girls got hungry once again, and decided to devour what was left of the fish.


With drinks, food, and friends all around, how could you not be happy.






We had been working all day, and the girls found themselves ready to pass out.
Yet as soon as I decided to take a couple group photos, they all got up and ready to pose for the camera.


Our “Christmas Day Family Photograph”


We enjoyed ourselves well into the night. Quite past midnight, and deep into Christmas day.
But as all things must come to an end, we had to call it a night.

Waking up was difficult, but I knew that waking up in the village would make a great Christmas.

So after eating some breakfast, Kik headed to work, we headed out into the village.


I don’t think there is any better feeling, than riding on the back of a motorbike, riding through the greenery and nature of this area.


After a quick ride we found ourselves at the local weekend “floating” market.


As we walked around, I was amazed at all of the new things around me.


New foods, tastes, smells, and experiences.


Soon though I realized that time was moving faster than I had expected. I needed to head back to my home to get my place cleaned up and ready for my visitors.

So I climbed back on the motorbike and we headed towards the boat area.



Sooner than I had wanted the day had come to an end. As I saw this Wat, I knew it was time to say goodbye.
I looked back at her as she rode away.
Not knowing when or if I would see her, Garfield, Kik, or any of my new friends again.
That’s quite a strange feeling. As my time here is running out I am slowly beginning to internalize that feeling.
It’s hard to say when I will see many of my friends again. I can only hope for sooner rather than later.


Its funny. You can be in a place for, what you feel like is a long time.
You get familiar with it.
You get to know where to go, where not to go.
You think you know it through and through.

Then something like this happens and everything you thought you knew goes out the window.
It’s like I came to Thailand just yesterday again.

When you open up your mind, and let go of all reservations, life can turn down a wonderful path.
A path not many explore nor will ever experience.

So I hope you let go.

Let go. Open your arms. And experience something you never could have dreamed of.


Christmas In The City

25 Dec

I get asked from many people, what Christmas is like in Bangkok.

Well here it is.

Christmas in BKK.

Merry Christmas all.


The Caveman

Sunday Funday

24 Dec

It’s been a busy last week. Friends have come. And friends have gone. For when we will meet again, we are unsure.
So for the last week or so I have been doing my best to simply live life. Away from the computer. Away from the blog. Just enjoying everything and everyone as much as possible.

It’s been almost a week now since I last wrote so I feel as if the time has come to give you all a little update.
Its Christmas Eve today. As Christmas has come, I have found myself alone in Bangkok. People headed home. People gone to vacation in far away islands.
It’s ok though, as Bangkok is where my heart lies.

“Sunday Funday” is a little something we used to do back at home every weekend. As Sunday comes around. We all would drop anything we had to do, and spend our Sundays just relaxing with friends. Having a day of relaxation and spontaneous fun.
It had been a while since I had last had a Sunday Funday, so I decided it was time to introduce it to my good friend Axle.

So we headed to Lumpini Park. The epicenter of chill in Bangkok.

On our way though we decided to grab some sweets.
First up was a couple of milk teas. Delicious.
As we walked passed the McDonald’s I couldn’t help but be drawn towards it.
9 baht for a cone??
Why not?

BKK 293

I felt like a little kid again.

We grabbed some books, some postcards, and kicked back in the grass.

BKK 295

Sitting on the grass amongst families and people enjoying thier sunday along the lake with the city all around us.
How can you not love the city.
BKK 300

As I sat back and read my book I was greeted by a little friend.

BKK 301

I’m not sure what it is, but dogs here seem to be drawn to me.
Maybe it’s the long hair.

As I continued reading, Axle popped in his iPod and took a little nap.
Before he knew it, we woke up to my new friend licking his face.

BKK 303

Out in the distance we saw a crowd gathering round.
We inched up closer to see what all the fuss was about. Ended up being a free concert.
Full orchestra, and 2 opera singers.
Amazing to say the least.

So we spent our Evening eating popcorn in the grass listeing to the sweet sounds of the Thai equivalents of  Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli.

BKK 305

After an hour or 2 the concert was done, but our Sunday was not.
We went for a quick bite to eat, then decided to to head to the Saxophone Pub for some more live music.

An all girl band was rockin’ the night away.

What a Funday it was.

Sometimes the most simple days can be among the best.

Axle and I had quite the week together.

More on our adventures to come!

Goooood Afternoon Vietnam?

19 Dec

Decided it would be a little better to sum up our trip to Vietnam with a video.


Vicious Vietnam

18 Dec

Vietnam left me dazed, bruised, and confused.


But it was darn beautiful.





Break Free

17 Dec

A little something that inspired me  to Break Away.

So I’ll ask just one question; What’s stopping you?

Where Have I Been?

17 Dec

Its been a long while since I last wrote here.
I guess you can say its been a combination of things. I’ve been trying to do as much as I can and been staying busy.

As a good friend would say, I have been spending my life “Beyond the Lens”.
In any case, here’s a little recap of my last couple of weeks.
This in no way captures half of the things we had been doing, but something is better than nothing.


First was Koh Phi Phi.

An island in paradise.




As all good things must sometime come to an end, we had to say our farewells to our crazy Canadian.
It was a fun semester and great to have met Tyson.


As we returned and prepared to unpack my bag, I realized it was unnecessary.
The next day I was to wake at 5 AM to go to a Rural Village in Eastern Thailand.

That Friday night was the last night the Trio would be aligned. As Kevin was headed home in the next couple of days.
We decided to have one last dinner together.
It was Sven’s first time eating Tacos, and our first time having Mexican in Thailand.



It was a sad night. We had quite a fun semester. It’s crazy to think its all coming to an end.
It was hard to imagine not having Kevin around, but all things must come to an end.

Farewell Kevin. We will meet again.

So the next day I headed to BuriRam.
A 5 hour bus ride later, we were there.


Beautiful place


Funny pigs.


We managed to have about 3 coconuts a day..
I defiantly was not complaining.


And as usual Marion helps me create some of my favorite photographs.



The weather was quite cold. I have no idea how I am going to do it back in the states.


I ended up working in the Herb center. Defiantly was fun.


And I spent a majoirty of my time hanging out with the dogs.
As just like them I felt lost and confused most of the time.
No one to really speak to, as the language barriers were drastic.


Its ok though, as I feel like it allowed me to take one of my favorite photographs to date.





And as we returned, I was reminded on how much I miss my friends.


Seeing those bikes and talking to those rider, I remembered how much I miss sunny rides with my long time buddies.

It was nice to come back to Bangkok though.

As I retuned I was greeted with presents from my friend who was now on his way back home.


he left me with some of the essentials, and even some Baht. Thank you Kevin. I really appreciated it.

So i decided to enjoy a meal and coffee at the guy, in memory of the K. Stone.


I went on a walk. Got lost. And just enjoyed the city around me


Then retuned only to find another friend to say farewell to.


Dani. Miss America. I will miss confessing all of my most embarrassing stories to you.
We will meet again soon.


And now I sit in the garden, enjoying a Berry smoothie and Muffin.



So thats whats been going on with me.

Busy, but not too busy.

I have been enjoying my time “Beyond the Lens” but I hope to write again soon.

Sunset in Phi Phi

10 Dec

I’m on my trip now, but here’s a picture from the beautiful sunset in Koh Phi Phi.


Goodbye Technology

10 Dec

Spending the next 3 days in a village community in North Eastern Thailand.

No electricity. No Internet. No stress.
Just farming and people.
Back to the roots.

See you all next week.