Where Have I Been?

17 Dec

Its been a long while since I last wrote here.
I guess you can say its been a combination of things. I’ve been trying to do as much as I can and been staying busy.

As a good friend would say, I have been spending my life “Beyond the Lens”.
In any case, here’s a little recap of my last couple of weeks.
This in no way captures half of the things we had been doing, but something is better than nothing.


First was Koh Phi Phi.

An island in paradise.




As all good things must sometime come to an end, we had to say our farewells to our crazy Canadian.
It was a fun semester and great to have met Tyson.


As we returned and prepared to unpack my bag, I realized it was unnecessary.
The next day I was to wake at 5 AM to go to a Rural Village in Eastern Thailand.

That Friday night was the last night the Trio would be aligned. As Kevin was headed home in the next couple of days.
We decided to have one last dinner together.
It was Sven’s first time eating Tacos, and our first time having Mexican in Thailand.



It was a sad night. We had quite a fun semester. It’s crazy to think its all coming to an end.
It was hard to imagine not having Kevin around, but all things must come to an end.

Farewell Kevin. We will meet again.

So the next day I headed to BuriRam.
A 5 hour bus ride later, we were there.


Beautiful place


Funny pigs.


We managed to have about 3 coconuts a day..
I defiantly was not complaining.


And as usual Marion helps me create some of my favorite photographs.



The weather was quite cold. I have no idea how I am going to do it back in the states.


I ended up working in the Herb center. Defiantly was fun.


And I spent a majoirty of my time hanging out with the dogs.
As just like them I felt lost and confused most of the time.
No one to really speak to, as the language barriers were drastic.


Its ok though, as I feel like it allowed me to take one of my favorite photographs to date.





And as we returned, I was reminded on how much I miss my friends.


Seeing those bikes and talking to those rider, I remembered how much I miss sunny rides with my long time buddies.

It was nice to come back to Bangkok though.

As I retuned I was greeted with presents from my friend who was now on his way back home.


he left me with some of the essentials, and even some Baht. Thank you Kevin. I really appreciated it.

So i decided to enjoy a meal and coffee at the guy, in memory of the K. Stone.


I went on a walk. Got lost. And just enjoyed the city around me


Then retuned only to find another friend to say farewell to.


Dani. Miss America. I will miss confessing all of my most embarrassing stories to you.
We will meet again soon.


And now I sit in the garden, enjoying a Berry smoothie and Muffin.



So thats whats been going on with me.

Busy, but not too busy.

I have been enjoying my time “Beyond the Lens” but I hope to write again soon.


2 Responses to “Where Have I Been?”

  1. Grace K. Nutchanart December 17, 2011 at 5:37 pm #

    I ❤ yr story 🙂
    Caveman FC 😀 haha

    • dariustii December 18, 2011 at 11:22 am #

      haha, Thank you!
      I’m glad to hear you are enjoying it still 🙂

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