Trying to Forget

26 Jan

Before I left Thailand, I remember people constantly asking me a question that I felt was completely preposterous. I was constantly asked,
“Are you going to keep your blog going even once you get back home?”
I remember like it was just yesterday, and saying right away “Why wouldn’t I?!”
It’s funny sometimes how things tend to change.

Now that I am back in California, I have realized that I did not live up to my promise.
It seems that as my trip began to slowly come to an end, so did my blog.
I slowly posted less and less. I found myself unable to write. Unable to pull out the camera and photograph things that would have previously intrigued me.

I guess for me, this blog in so many ways, is just a reminder

A reminder of all the places I no longer visit.
Of all the people I no longer see.
Of all the sounds I no longer hear.
Of all the things that made my last semester so amazing.

Of the life I am no longer living.

Its easy to forget all that had happened
Somedays I feel like all of the memories have faded away.
Like they are slowly being drawn from my head, while I am least expecting it.
Then I hear something, smell, something, taste something. And I am taken back to my journey. Taken back to the place I call home.
I think of  me and my fellow travelers. The exchange group and how much fun we all had together, and I just smile.
It’s unfortunate that it’s over, but I’m so glad that it happened


I was reminded today how much I miss all my fellow travelers, and more importantly friends from my trip abroad.

Sometimes trying to forget can make you remember.


One Response to “Trying to Forget”

  1. Grace K. Nutchanart January 30, 2012 at 12:36 am #

    Heyaaaa!! Caveman 😀
    I love yr Blogg! This one is the best ❤ 🙂
    Do you miss me as well haha,people you no longer see :P??
    Btw,How's California treating you sooo farrr man????
    Do you have Facebook Caveman? So,we could keep in touch haha!!

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