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30 Apr

Bright and sunny this week

Nice day for a bike ride.



Maa Jak Thailand

19 Apr


Each Moment is the Universe from bruce thierry on Vimeo.

It cannot be said any better.

I miss my other home.

Night Out in the City

17 Apr

Some nights are just better expressed in a photograph.

The Eighties Babies

17 Apr

Went out to San Francisco for the weekend with the Breakfast Club.


Couldn’t help but snap this pic of these 80s babies hangin on Alamo Square.

Feels great to be back behind the lens.


The Breakfast Club

9 Apr

They met once, and it changed their lives forever.

A Sea of Possibilities

7 Apr

It’s a strange thing getting older.
You forget how some of the most simple things can create a real joy in your life.

The simplicity, yet divinity in finding the perfect book among a sea of possibilities.


It is only when we are stripped of our many layers of societal induced compulsions, that we can move towards enlightenment.

Through the Woods

1 Apr

And to the Ocean I went.


One minute I was sitting amongst the trees, the next I was watching the surf.

No where is like California.


Days spent alone in nature.
Unforgettable and much needed.