A Bad Start to the End of a Journey

19 Jun

As I woke early this morning, to begin the end of my journey up north to Corvallis, I was greeted by the sight of broken glass.

Missing from my car was only my most prized possessions.
The very things that make this blog what it was.

Unfortunately many of the awesome pictures Sven, Kevin, and I took during this great week of the reunion of 1208 are lost forever
In someone else’s hands.


That’s life…


One Response to “A Bad Start to the End of a Journey”

  1. Sheeva Ghassemian June 21, 2012 at 4:28 am #

    when I was visiting my friends in New Mexico I somehow deleted every single picture from the week and I only see those friends once every year or every other year so I was soooo upset. AND I had a ton of pics of my little nephew( one of their sons) who had just turned 2 and I seriously wanted to cry… and then I realized that you can delete/lose all of your pictures but no one can take the mental pictures/memories away. So just remember that as long as your brain’s still workin away you’ll remember the week you boys had. As for the parts of the week you don’t remember (wink wink)– party on my cuzzo!

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