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One Door Has Closed

28 May

As another has opened.



The Caveman Graduated


Who knows what will be next.


Not Same Same..

24 May




Without you all

A Sea of Possibilities

7 Apr

It’s a strange thing getting older.
You forget how some of the most simple things can create a real joy in your life.

The simplicity, yet divinity in finding the perfect book among a sea of possibilities.


It is only when we are stripped of our many layers of societal induced compulsions, that we can move towards enlightenment.


19 Mar

Some people start on the computer. Typing aimlessly on a keyboard, searching for ideas.

For me that just doesn’t work.

I guess that’s why the caveman.


Busy Bee

23 Feb

As the first round of “midterms” comes, I have found myself dazed and confused.
It’s not an easy thing to deal with.
But lucky for me I have a little “taste of home” to keep me company during these long nights.


More posts to come, as I am hoping my schedule frees up in due time.

I’ve Got Wings

27 Sep

Just got home from dinner, and I am reluctantly sitting at the table drinking a RedBull.


In life sometimes you relax, and somtimes you work hard.
Let’s just say I’ve had may fair share of relaxing, and its time to get down to business.

These last couple of days have been more foreign to me than ever. Since my arrival, I haven’t had too much work to do for school.Well, now its time for midterms. Work is here, and I am stuck with my face behind this screen.

The camera has rarely seen the sun.

Only times I see the outside world is for food.
A nice dinner last night left me tired and wanting more.



Midterms has got us all feeling like Sven.



Studying must continue, as I prepare for a day at school.

Until next time.

-The Caveman

Life in a Uniform

23 Aug

I wake with pains I have known oh too well.

My stomach groans with every move. I think back to the night.

Could it have been altitudes too high for my stomach to comprehend both the alcoholic beverage, and the 360 degree view of Bangkok.
Could it have been the grotesquely overpriced 400 Baht Mai Tai, that my body is just now comprehending.
Possibly one of the six or so meals I consumed throughout my day.
Or maybe it was the cheap barley and lack of hops in the infamous Chang, that has caused the demise of my stomach.

Unfortunately, this is something I will never know.

Yesterday, (Monday) was a day spent in the classic black and white Chulalongkorn University uniform.
I am constantly asked how school in Thailand is, so I brought my camera with me to record a day in a uniform.

As if at the local coffee shop, I find myself constantly surrounded by conversations on the latest gossip of the town. A professor giving a lecture is no reason to quiet down here.


As Kevin stated, “I never felt so mature in my life”.


A quick glance to my right and two German students/models are ready for the camera right away.



The long way home has proven to be my favorite route.
Chulalongkorn is quite a large and beautiful University.








Laundry was next on my to-do list.
Backpack went from holding school supplies, a camera, a couple of lenses, and a bunch of accessories, to carrying almost all of the clothes I brought. Versatility is key.

Although everything here is quite cheap, laundry is the opposite. Fairly expensive. Oh well.
I don’t mind looking like a caveman, but smelling like one is not on my agenda.


As the daylight came to a close, a group of us decided to go to a “skybar”. I left my camera home the one time it really counted. Three-hundred and sixty views of Bangkok, while sipping on cocktails was quite a feeling.

Although I refrain from posting any pictures but my own, I had to grab a picture from the web to show to how magnificent the bar was.

The Vertigo Moon Bar

After an hour or so, a group of us headed back.
Shooting pool and drinking a couple of cold beers was more up our alley.

It’s funny how quickly things can change.

The Chula Caveman

9 Aug

As I sit here reminiscing on my day, I cannot help but say I truly am a caveman at this university.

In no way, shape, or form do I resemble the typical Thai students at Chulalongkorn.

My class, International Business Management, looked to be quite promising. The professor puts quite a cultural spin on what could easily be a dull subject. I look forward to my Monday afternoon discussions on cultural differences throughout the world. Quite the subject to be studying while being emerged into a new and different culture.

Class ended, and my search for food started once again. The mall across the street provided my stomach with its fix.

Although not my usual street food, the Japanese style curry was quite the satisfying meal.



While out, I decided it would be a good idea to stock up on much-needed groceries. On top of every college student’s list is always instant noodles.



Cereal, bread, noodles, soap, and a bowl. What else does one need?

I also had to get my student ID pictures taken. For some reason they had to print out 12 pictures.
In Thailand, we are not allowed to smile.

The true caveman in me came out.