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30 Sep

I couldn’t make it to the real thing but I guess this will suffice.

Miss all my friends who are in Germany now and wish I was there with you.


Chula kids forever!


Not Same Same..

24 May




Without you all

Maa Jak Thailand

19 Apr


Each Moment is the Universe from bruce thierry on Vimeo.

It cannot be said any better.

I miss my other home.

Night Out in the City

17 Apr

Some nights are just better expressed in a photograph.

The Eighties Babies

17 Apr

Went out to San Francisco for the weekend with the Breakfast Club.


Couldn’t help but snap this pic of these 80s babies hangin on Alamo Square.

Feels great to be back behind the lens.


The Breakfast Club

9 Apr

They met once, and it changed their lives forever.


22 Feb

Speaking to my old friend, brings back great memories.


How I miss you so.

Trying to Forget

26 Jan

Before I left Thailand, I remember people constantly asking me a question that I felt was completely preposterous. I was constantly asked,
“Are you going to keep your blog going even once you get back home?”
I remember like it was just yesterday, and saying right away “Why wouldn’t I?!”
It’s funny sometimes how things tend to change.

Now that I am back in California, I have realized that I did not live up to my promise.
It seems that as my trip began to slowly come to an end, so did my blog.
I slowly posted less and less. I found myself unable to write. Unable to pull out the camera and photograph things that would have previously intrigued me.

I guess for me, this blog in so many ways, is just a reminder

A reminder of all the places I no longer visit.
Of all the people I no longer see.
Of all the sounds I no longer hear.
Of all the things that made my last semester so amazing.

Of the life I am no longer living.

Its easy to forget all that had happened
Somedays I feel like all of the memories have faded away.
Like they are slowly being drawn from my head, while I am least expecting it.
Then I hear something, smell, something, taste something. And I am taken back to my journey. Taken back to the place I call home.
I think of  me and my fellow travelers. The exchange group and how much fun we all had together, and I just smile.
It’s unfortunate that it’s over, but I’m so glad that it happened


I was reminded today how much I miss all my fellow travelers, and more importantly friends from my trip abroad.

Sometimes trying to forget can make you remember.

Sunday Funday

24 Dec

It’s been a busy last week. Friends have come. And friends have gone. For when we will meet again, we are unsure.
So for the last week or so I have been doing my best to simply live life. Away from the computer. Away from the blog. Just enjoying everything and everyone as much as possible.

It’s been almost a week now since I last wrote so I feel as if the time has come to give you all a little update.
Its Christmas Eve today. As Christmas has come, I have found myself alone in Bangkok. People headed home. People gone to vacation in far away islands.
It’s ok though, as Bangkok is where my heart lies.

“Sunday Funday” is a little something we used to do back at home every weekend. As Sunday comes around. We all would drop anything we had to do, and spend our Sundays just relaxing with friends. Having a day of relaxation and spontaneous fun.
It had been a while since I had last had a Sunday Funday, so I decided it was time to introduce it to my good friend Axle.

So we headed to Lumpini Park. The epicenter of chill in Bangkok.

On our way though we decided to grab some sweets.
First up was a couple of milk teas. Delicious.
As we walked passed the McDonald’s I couldn’t help but be drawn towards it.
9 baht for a cone??
Why not?

BKK 293

I felt like a little kid again.

We grabbed some books, some postcards, and kicked back in the grass.

BKK 295

Sitting on the grass amongst families and people enjoying thier sunday along the lake with the city all around us.
How can you not love the city.
BKK 300

As I sat back and read my book I was greeted by a little friend.

BKK 301

I’m not sure what it is, but dogs here seem to be drawn to me.
Maybe it’s the long hair.

As I continued reading, Axle popped in his iPod and took a little nap.
Before he knew it, we woke up to my new friend licking his face.

BKK 303

Out in the distance we saw a crowd gathering round.
We inched up closer to see what all the fuss was about. Ended up being a free concert.
Full orchestra, and 2 opera singers.
Amazing to say the least.

So we spent our Evening eating popcorn in the grass listeing to the sweet sounds of the Thai equivalents of  Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli.

BKK 305

After an hour or 2 the concert was done, but our Sunday was not.
We went for a quick bite to eat, then decided to to head to the Saxophone Pub for some more live music.

An all girl band was rockin’ the night away.

What a Funday it was.

Sometimes the most simple days can be among the best.

Axle and I had quite the week together.

More on our adventures to come!

Breakfast in Paradise

7 Dec

We woke this morning to perfect weather.
Clouds had taken over, the last couple days here, but today was differed. The sun was shining, the clouds were gone; perfect.

A great way to start our last full day at Koh Phi Phi.