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Much Needed Day in the Shop

9 Aug

A long time over due, as the last time I truly remember doing this was in the big city in the “land of smiles”

In times past, I could always be found, if no where else, at my little get-a-way in the garden; Coffee Alley. With my return to the states, I have failed to find my little getaway from it all, but today has been the exception.

I spent my day laying in the grass at a nice little park among the trees, greeting the people passing by, and enjoying the warm sun against my face.
As my book wound down, I decided a trip to the coffee shop was much needed.
Its never a bad time to surrounded by the sweet  aromas of the magical bean that can make any day just a little bit better.


It’s places like these that I am able to begin to unwind.
To reflect on my days past, and soak in the world around me.  An easy task for most, but not for I.
As these places put me in a mindset that allows for breathing.
As I started at my computer screen, searching through my albums of photos, I was reminded once again, that I no longer have my faithful companion strapped around my shoulders, that allowed my travels to become just a little more interesting.
While that may be the case, I couldn’t be camera less for too long.
Nothing near a replacement to my old faithful Canon EOS DSLR, but more like accessory, I opted for something a bit more classic


An old Canon AE-1 35mm film SLR. As straying away from Canon is not even an option.

Although shooting in film has is disadvantages, it has made me look at each photograph in a completely new light. (both literally and figuratively)

Each shot now is mystery.
No reshots if the lighting looked incorrect, or if someone made a slight blink.
No longer can I just shoot and shoot till I capture exactly what I was looking for.

Its a different yet nice way of thinking about photography.

So unlike other posts, where I have vibrant crisp shots of my daily activities, or of landscapes near and far, I have some good old fashioned black and white 35mm photographs.

As each photo has its own uniqueness and appeal I will be sharing the shots from this roll over the span of days to come.
Each with its own appeal, and strange little story.

Stay in tune…


A Bad Start to the End of a Journey

19 Jun

As I woke early this morning, to begin the end of my journey up north to Corvallis, I was greeted by the sight of broken glass.

Missing from my car was only my most prized possessions.
The very things that make this blog what it was.

Unfortunately many of the awesome pictures Sven, Kevin, and I took during this great week of the reunion of 1208 are lost forever
In someone else’s hands.


That’s life…


24 May

Just got an awesome letter in the mail.
Graduating is getting better and better by the minute!



30 Apr

Bright and sunny this week

Nice day for a bike ride.


Break Free

17 Dec

A little something that inspired me  to Break Away.

So I’ll ask just one question; What’s stopping you?

Goodbye Technology

10 Dec

Spending the next 3 days in a village community in North Eastern Thailand.

No electricity. No Internet. No stress.
Just farming and people.
Back to the roots.

See you all next week.

Coffee Shop Work

14 Nov

I woke early this morning as we left the blinds open last night to rise with the sun.
A great feeling, as getting an early start to the day, jumpstarts my brain into a thought processing machine. Knowing that I work better in the mornings, I headed straight to the Coffee Shop to get working on projects due in the upcoming week.

As I opened up my laptop and began working I was struck by a notice that I have been dreading to hear.
“Notice: Startup Disk is reaching it’s limit”

So now I am stuck. My 500 GB hard drive is close to full and my iPhoto Library is no longer allowing me to add pictures.

Defiantly a dilemma. No new pictures can be added. All video projects I have been working on have to go on hold. So while I wait to move to get an external hard drive and/or move things to “the cloud”, I will be using a different medium to capture images and my journey.

With the help of my iPhone and a new app called “Camera+” I will be able to keep posts and pictures flowing.
I’m still not sure how it will turn out, but I must say the App seems to have really great features. For 99 cents you can’t go wrong.



One of my term projects entails examining some of the most influential CEOs of our time. I have to say that while choosing Apple and Starbucks is not proving to be the easiest, but most defiantly the most inspiring.

This quote was too fitting for me not to include it into todays post while wokring at the coffee shop.


” The next time you walk by a coffee shop, peer inside. Take in the variety of people in line or seated. Men and women in business attire. Parents with strollers. College students studying. High school kids joking. Couples deep in conversation. Retired folks reading newspapers and talking politics. And, of course, scores of people sitting in front of laptops searching, downloading, listening, reading and writing books, blogs, business plans, resumes, letters, emails, instant messages, texts…whatever their hearts desire. Consider how many of those people furiously clicking away on keyboards and scribbling idea on napkins might be working to create the next Google, Alibaba or Facebook, or composing a novel or piece of music. Maybe they are falling in love with someone sitting next to them, Or making a friend.”

Homeward Bound

5 Nov

Its 2:15 and I’m laying in a hostel in Hanoi, Vietnam listening to my iPod before I take a little nap.
Simon & Garfunkle- Homeward Bound just came on and it could not be more fitting. In about 4 hours I’m going to be heading towards the airport. Homeward bound I will soon be.
Bangkok that is..

All this traveling has gotten me exhausted, so I end this trip a little earlier than expected.

I know this is “caveman travels” but I think this may be one of my last travels for this month. I’m just way tired, and want to relax once again in the city I now call home.

Yesterday the 4th of November also marked the beginning of my 4th month abroad.
Time flies…

On the Road Again

3 Nov

It’s been a constant journey since we entered Vietnam.
Started at Ho Chi Min City and headed up north ever since. Not spending more than one day in a place.

It’s morning here in…. I don’t know where but it’s quite nice outside.

Out on the road once more.


A Day At the Beach

1 Nov

It’s morning once again in Vietnam and we are off again.
Traveling doesn’t seem to stop as we just arrived to the beach city of Nha Trang yesterday morning.

The day started out a bit shaky, but it’s funny how quickly things can turn around.
I started and ended my day, walking along the beautiful beach, just across from where we are now staying.
Costal people are different. They have a kindness and peacefulness that I think is a result of the beauty they are constantly surrounded by.

As I walked down the beach the morning to myself, a bit angry and upset, a man approached me and ended up turning it all around. He offered me to come sit with he and his wife and enjoy breakfast along the beach and learn a bit about spirituality.
His kindness is something you rarely find anymore.

It these little things in life, from the people I meet through my actual journey, or the people who I meet and speak to through my “journey of a caveman” blog, who bring me up and make me realize how great people can be.


PS: Posts and emails have been seldom because access to Internet is about as rare as bottled water in Bangkok.
Thank you to all my loyal followers !