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Nice Day in the City By the Bay

20 Jul

I woke this morning, to the sunshine of the East Bay sun glistening in my face.
Deciding that the weather was too nice to pass up, I started my day with a walk around the block with a furry little animal that now inhabits my home in Berkeley.
After a quick stroll around the block I dropped him off and decided to proceed the rest of the day on foot. Strolling around, enjoying the day of sunshine and cool breeze.

As I walked, I stumbled upon a small store that caught my eye. As I walked in, I was struck my a familiar smell. As I walked around I realized the sounds around me, were of a place I once had once lived.

As I grabbed a quick drink the lady looked at me with a smile, and I quickly replied with a “sawatdee krop”.
She looked at me with confusion, yet happiness, as she replied in a similar fashion.
We went along and continued the transaction in the language I have longed to use, ever since my return to America.

We said our farewells, and I continued on with my day with feeling like no other.

As I walked on, I felt my stomach growl with the desire of a good meal. As I continued, I ran into the place my heart most desired.

Walking in, I already knew what I wanted and needed. No menu needed, as I knew the kitchen would cook to my stomach’s desire.


It came out, and I was instantly taken back to a time and a place that I had not been to in far too long.
It smelled of Thai spices and basil, and tasted like heaven.

I couldn’t help but throw an egg on it, as I knew it would only make things that much better.

And as I began my meal, the waitress brought out my 4 compadres, that made me realize I was truly back in Bangkok.

The spicy taste of the chilis, along with the sweet Thai Basil, created a medley of flavors that had me just wanting more..

With every bite I was taken back to times with old friends. Sitting along the streets of Bangkok, enjoying a meal with one another, laughing over the memories of nights past.
Of times with my fellow Evergreen students, and of course the boys from 1208.

I said my farewells in the language I learned while abroad and headed to a local coffee shop to unwind.

After a nice relaxing day, it feels nice enjoy the sweet effects of caffeine while writing of my day.


A nice day of new memories and old.
Of past and present.
With no idea of the future.


Last Sunday

8 Jan

I’m sitting in the little hidden garden amongst the concrete jungle just thinking.


I don’t know any other way to really explain my mood for the last couple weeks, other than…thinking.

Not particularly sad nor happy, just wondering, contemplating, and curious to see what is in store for the future.

Life has been quite busy as I have been somewhat of a tour guide since the 26th of December, but it has been exceptionally nice to have my family around.

Around during the holidays, and for the start of the year 2012.
It’s hard to believe that this will actually my first post of 2012. Eight days in. Eight days late to some, but for me it’s just right.
So rather than have a post recapping my “2011 Experiences” or “The Things I Have Learned from 2011”. I will be posting a slight recap on my exciting start to 2012.

As the first day of January came around, my little sister and I walked into my apartment early that morning, only to find my mom awake waiting for us.
We looked at the clock only to realize it was a bit past 8 AM.
It was a shock, yet in Bangkok, you never know where the night will take you.

So we decided to get a good *nights* (day’s) rest before we were headed to the north of Thailand.

Before we knew it, we were on the bus headed to the city of Chang Mai.
As I put in my iPod, and closed my eyes, I found myself awoken in the new city we were to be spending our new year at.

Why not start off your year with a bang? So we decided to do a little something that was out of the norm.
First stop.

Tiger Kingdom.









This took my mom’s nickname of “Kimmy Kat” to a whole new level.



And just incase you were wondering if these were real or not, here’s a little proof that these are the real deal.


After a day with Tigers, we needed some food.


As we returned to our “hotel” I heard the sounds of a guitar riffs and sticks sticking a snare.
As I listened closer it was a familiar tune.
“Conformably Numb- Pink Floyd”
One of my all time favorites. So I decided to bid my family adieu and enjoy some music.

After a day of traveling, and a couple of weeks of playing tour guide, I decided to spend my night alone. Just a Chang, and two musicians to keep me company.



We had a day full of activities lined up. So before I knew it, I found myself waking up and off into another tour bus.

As we got off the bus, we transferred onto a different sort of transportation.






Unfortunately I was the only one with a camera, so this was the closest I could get to a picture of myself, riding an elephant.
For that I am sorry, but I hope this will do.





After the ride we gathered around my beast of an elephant and stroke a couple poses with him.


There defiantly was no question what sex the elephant was.


Being the caveman I am, I had to see how tough the elephant really was.



We ventured into a village where I was attacked by little girls selling bracelets.
Couldn’t help but snap a shot of this little girl who looked just like one of my little Japanese cousins.





We saw waterfall after waterfall.
Beautiful to say the least.








We visited another village, and had to try on some of the “native” clothing.


This woman caught my eye.


Burmese-Thai. A woman of the mountains.
You can see the wisdom in her eyes.
These are the type of people I can only wish I could speak to.




After these many hikes, we all were happy to hear lunch was being served.


We went to the highest peak in Thailand.
Although much colder than I am used to, it felt like a breath of fresh air.



Up in the high country I feel alive. surrounded by trees. The crisp air in your face. The  fresh air all around me.
It reminded me of days in my past. When I would spend afternoons up in the mountains. Just thinking.

It’s a feeling that cannot be beaten, expressed, nor reproduced.


She was kicking and screaming, but I just couldn’t help it.




As we came back home, we decided to explore into a little cafe that we had all be itching to check out.
Passing this cute little place every morning, peering in, yet too afraid to experience it.



It surpassed our expectations to say the least.







On our final day we planned to relax, and we did just that.
Yet we had to cross a something off Kimmy’s “To-Do” list as well.

Cooking class here we come!








I enjoyed a 5 course lunch all made by myself.



Surprisingly my mother struggled, while the two children excelled. Quite a change, as my mom is quite the cook at home.
A nice change to say the least.
After a ling day of learning, cooking, and eating, I had to venture back to the cafe I loved so dearly.


Throughout my whole trip in Thailand, my one wish has been to spend a day relaxing in a hammock under the sweet Thai sun.
Well it was just my day to do it.


After relaxing on the hammock, I stumbled back to the “hotel” and crashed for the night.
We woke and were on the road again.
This time to the good ol’ BKK.

Similar to all other travel experiences in Thailand, we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere, jumping into a strange persons car.

Never fear though. As I have not been stranded once.


We returned safe and sound, just a bit tired.

After a long day of shopping at the weekend market, I decided to take my family to one of my favorite places to eat good old Thai Street food.
Steamed fish and Curry is a must.



And today.
Thought we tried to get an early start to our day of sightseeing, we have found ourselves just enjoying each others’ company with a cup of coffee in hand.






I guess there’s a lot to see, and a lot to show them, but for me, I’d rather just sit here.
Sitting in my little get-away. Enjoying the sounds, conversations, and little things that make traveling so wonderful.



Deal of the Day: Firehouse Burgers

20 Nov

As we walked home from a long day of football, Kevin said words that sent our night into oblivion.

“Dude…a burger and fries sounds really good right now”

As he said that I suddenly got taken back home. Visions of diners, BBQs, and juicy burgers popped into my head.
I looked at him. Smiled. And decided that nothing other than a Burger and Fries would suffice.

NO McDonald’s or Burger King crap. I needed a real deal Burger and Fries. (Well…as real deal as it gets for a Vegetarian)
People who know me, know that it doesn’t take much to get me excited. So when I headed home, I went onto the web to search for the best burgers in Bangkok.
I stumbled across an awesome blog. Ironically it has the exact same layout as mine, and is specifically for the “Best Burgers in Bangkok”

On the top of the list was my favorite Pub, “Bully’s”.
None of the guys had been there, but we decided to check out something none of us had been to. There was a new place, not too far from us, that sounded like exactly what we needed.

We showered, got ready and hit the road.
A quick BTS ride to Nana, and a walk down Sukumvit Soi 11 and we were there.


We glanced in, and I was immediately surprised. It was much fancier, and much smaller than I was expecting.
A very nice ambiance, yet no one inside.
I got scared.
We sat down to two very nice waitresses waiting on our every move. It felt a bit weird at first, but after a while, I figured out that this is what farang men in this area are into. We took their generosity as a compliment though.

The place had great decor, along with some of the nicest silverware I have ever used.



Much different from the usual fork and spoon that ends up bending while trying to stir our rice around.


We opened up the menu, and were greeted by an array of dishes.
Burgers along with many other things to choose from. A surprise to us all, but we had come for one thing, and one thing only.
A slab a juicy *meat* in between two buns, filled with condiments from the heavens, and a side of fried potatoes.

We decided to go a bit gusto, and order an appetizer as well.
Fried Calamari.


Six Golden fried Os of calamari popped out.
We all were starving, so we dug in.
Fried to a perfect crisp, with a soft succulent squid inside. We all looked up at each other with smiles with the first bite. I don’t think we could have asked for more.

Soon after we finished the Calamari, the first burger popped out.
Our eyes were fixed on it, as we all were hoping it would be placed in front of us.

It was Kevin’s. Sven and I stared with jealousy.


Huge burger & Crispy fries placed on a slab of wood.


As he bit into it, I saw his eyes light up.
It was exactly what we were all hoping for.

Right as he went to tell us all about his burger, I saw a light out of the corner of my eyes.
It was my burger.
I went with the SurfBurger. Although it may not be up to par for the strictest of vegetarians, it could make the  most hippie Vegans turn to pescatarians.


A giant fried fish, placed inbetween two buns. Tartar sauce. Veggies. Huge potato wedges.


Biting into it was going to be a challenge. I planned for a strategic attack, but ended up giving up any plans I had previously made.
I went in for a full-fledged attack.
My taste buds thanked me for it.

As me and Kevin were enjoying our delicious meals, Sven sat there salivating.
I started to move over a bit, as I was afraid my burger was in danger. But before we knew it, his monster of a burger was here.


They really should rename it from the “Breakfast Burger” to the SVEN Burger.

Sven stands at a steady 6 foot 4. Only a man of that stature could take on a burger of this size and magnitude.


Giant and juicy is best way to explain this one. Not just juicy, REALLY JUICY.
With every bite, Sven fell deeper and deeper in love.
How could you blame him?
A giant patty. Bacon. Cheese. An Egg. Veggies.
The perfect burger for a carnivore.


He had no problem eating it to the very last bite.

After we all finished, we sat back and just basked in our glory, as we had just found the goldmine.
The Burgers were amazing. The ambiance was great.
Service was exceptional.
Nothing else we could have asked for.

So we said our goodbyes, and headed back.

We headed back home in our glory, only to run into one of my dream cars.

I don’t think the night could have been any better.


One day…

A place like this deserves much more advertisement.
Firehouse Pub and Restaurant.
Amazing food and service.
The owner even came out to thank us, and was excited to hear of their feature on my blog

So I hope that next time you feel like indulging on some delicious burgers, you consider Firehouse.
I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Look for more “Deal of the Day” posts, by the guys from 1208.