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Nice Day in the City By the Bay

20 Jul

I woke this morning, to the sunshine of the East Bay sun glistening in my face.
Deciding that the weather was too nice to pass up, I started my day with a walk around the block with a furry little animal that now inhabits my home in Berkeley.
After a quick stroll around the block I dropped him off and decided to proceed the rest of the day on foot. Strolling around, enjoying the day of sunshine and cool breeze.

As I walked, I stumbled upon a small store that caught my eye. As I walked in, I was struck my a familiar smell. As I walked around I realized the sounds around me, were of a place I once had once lived.

As I grabbed a quick drink the lady looked at me with a smile, and I quickly replied with a “sawatdee krop”.
She looked at me with confusion, yet happiness, as she replied in a similar fashion.
We went along and continued the transaction in the language I have longed to use, ever since my return to America.

We said our farewells, and I continued on with my day with feeling like no other.

As I walked on, I felt my stomach growl with the desire of a good meal. As I continued, I ran into the place my heart most desired.

Walking in, I already knew what I wanted and needed. No menu needed, as I knew the kitchen would cook to my stomach’s desire.


It came out, and I was instantly taken back to a time and a place that I had not been to in far too long.
It smelled of Thai spices and basil, and tasted like heaven.

I couldn’t help but throw an egg on it, as I knew it would only make things that much better.

And as I began my meal, the waitress brought out my 4 compadres, that made me realize I was truly back in Bangkok.

The spicy taste of the chilis, along with the sweet Thai Basil, created a medley of flavors that had me just wanting more..

With every bite I was taken back to times with old friends. Sitting along the streets of Bangkok, enjoying a meal with one another, laughing over the memories of nights past.
Of times with my fellow Evergreen students, and of course the boys from 1208.

I said my farewells in the language I learned while abroad and headed to a local coffee shop to unwind.

After a nice relaxing day, it feels nice enjoy the sweet effects of caffeine while writing of my day.


A nice day of new memories and old.
Of past and present.
With no idea of the future.


Maa Jak Thailand

19 Apr


Each Moment is the Universe from bruce thierry on Vimeo.

It cannot be said any better.

I miss my other home.

Night Out in the City

17 Apr

Some nights are just better expressed in a photograph.

The Breakfast Club

9 Apr

They met once, and it changed their lives forever.

Travelers Join

9 Aug

As I walked down my usual alley, I was greeted by familiar faces from the night before. After joining them for lunch, we went for a stroll into the marketplace.


While showing them my usual walking grounds, we decided to go into an area not yet explored



We were greeted by greens and people of the land.



Do you dare to try Thai chilies?


Among other things, the streets of Thailand are full of stray animals.


The clouds of the monsoon season are starting to emerge.


As we cross to the next alley we find what we have been searching for. A smoothie stand.

Nothing beats a cold, fresh blend of fruit in the heat and humidity of Bangkok.


We opted out of the alcoholic blends, but maybe one night before going out we will be meeting there again.



While we were out I decided to take them down my favorite spot in Bangkok. As we walked down the tracks, I was greeted by my little friend.

He decided to bring some friends this time as well.




They were more than ecstatic to have me snap pictures of them.



Even Maria couldn’t help but join in on the fun.




As always their favorite part was looking back at the pictures taken only seconds before.


By the end of this trip I will have more pictures of these kids than I will know what to do with.

I am thinking of using the money graciously donated by people “following the caveman”  to create a collage of photos to donate to these precious children. That way, even when I leave, they will be able to have shots to look back at.


Kids Kids Kids

7 Aug

My eyes slowly open with the sound of the phone ringing.

iPod in one ear, pillow on the other, I look over confused at my roommate who doesn’t seem to budge.  I answer the phone only after finding out that it is for me. The conversation is a blur, as I was still trying to recover from my slumber.

Nights in Bangkok seem to never end. Everything is open all times of the hour, and we tend to embrace it.

As I start to become coherent, I feel a growl in my stomach.

Write. Shower. Clothes. Backpack. Room key.

The search for food starts again.

I head towards my favorite area, the street market. After grabbing a corn on the cob and some quick bread for on the go snacks, I am able  find a nice place to eat.


There is something about these small unknown places that appeals me.
They have a ambiance to them that is unlike any other.


I find myself constantly walking through alleys.
You never know when you are going to pass a street vendor with that perfect food or drink.


Bangkok street art.


I couldn’t help but take the long way home. A walk down the railroad tracks led me to a familiar friend.
He immediately recognized me from a far. As if we were long time friends, I was greeted by the family with smiles and bows.

Walking home can create quite a contradictory illusion. One minute you feel as if you are in the midst nature, the next you are in a city, surrounded in high rises.


After getting home, my roommate Kevin was headed back out. I couldn’t resist the opportunity for more Thai food.
Walking around, we were greeted by a swarm of children at a sidewalk restaurant.

Although the father cooked for us, it seemed to be run by this little one. He made sure to keep us entertained throughout our stay there.

I could’t help but snap shots of the kids.






IMG_2724 copy

She quickly became attached the camera.


The kids handed us the food, and patiently waited to see what we thought.  They made sure we knew to use both the spoon and fork.


My housemate and I have become quite the duo in Thailand.

Children in Thailand have a joy about them that is different from any other places I have been. Being surrounded by them has brightened my day. The most simple things make them so happy. Surrounded by a city, living in “poverty” seems to be a better place for kids to grow up. They learn the realities of life and enjoy the time they spend socializing with people around them.



26 Jul

The simplicity of life is seldom realized.

We all tend to get caught up with the busy things in life that in turn cause us to feel that life is this huge complicated algorithm, and we are the mathematicians trying to decode it.

Life is simple.  But only if you let it be.

Do not forget that.

One week from now I am on a plane to SouthEast Asia.

In the meantime I plan to enjoy the simple things in this life that make me happy.

Just playing with a tennis ball makes her day.

Do you remember the last time you were that happy?

Go Be It

23 Jul

I am a fond believer in the fact that you control your life.

When it comes down to the fact, no one but you can control what happens.

If there is something you want, go get it.

If you want to change something, start now.
Life is too short to get hung up on all the things “I wish I did”.




Pleasant Surprises

17 May

On what seemed to be an insignificant and gloomy day in San Jose, I was presented a pleasant surprise.

It’s funny how something right in front of you can pass you by. As I looked at the certificate I received from a ceremony held last Wednesday at San Jose State, I realized that there were two certificates, not only one.  I was instantly puzzled as to what this second paper could have said, and more importantly, how I just noticed it this morning.

It turned out to be a certificate awarding me a Scholarship from the College of Business. A total shock, as this was the first time I had heard anything about this. Although I haven’t relieved any other notices from anyone, or any money, just having this certificate makes me feel good.

I guess the hard work and time I have put into school has paid off. Feels good for people to recognize it though.

It’s the little things in life that matter the most.

Enjoy the little things, they are what really gives our lives meaning.