Follow the Caveman

For some of you who have been following the blog since the start of my journey, you know what the “Follow the Caveman” donations are all about.
But for many of you who have just started to read the blog, it is still a mystery.  Here is a little info and background on it.


The “Follow the Caveman” idea is something that I am very excited to be doing.

With the help of my good friend, Yuta Akaishi, I was able to have vinyl decals to promote my blog.

A donation of $3 will get you two stickers, and a Personalized postcard sent from EVERY place I go to visit on my trip.
As I travel throughout Thailand and SouthEast Asia I will be sending personalized,hand written postcards to each and every person participating.

This is a way to keep in touch with what I am doing, and  help me spread the word about my travels.

There are two different styles of the vinyl stickers.

One is with black lettering, and the other black border with the words cut out of it.

The $3 is only to cover the cost of the stickers, and postage from Asia.

Donate below or email me at for more info.

When is the last time you received a postcard in the mail?


Here I will be updating and posting pictures I have received or taken of people who are “Following the Caveman”




Photo Aug 12, 9 08 52 PM














If you have any pictures I would love to post them. Feel free to send them to me at

Thank you all for the support!


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