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Get out

31 Mar

It’s a beautiful day here in California

What better way to enjoy it.


Riding through the California Redwoods is an unexplainable feeling.

If only my comrades from Vietnam could be accompanying me.
The Ritz Angels
You are out of sight, but never out of mind.

Sometimes you just have to get up, go out into nature to realize how beautiful the world around you is.



19 Mar

Some people start on the computer. Typing aimlessly on a keyboard, searching for ideas.

For me that just doesn’t work.

I guess that’s why the caveman.


KONEY 2012

18 Mar

If you had a chance to change the world, would you?

What I will be writing about isn’t just about thisĀ cause. This is about proving that change is possible.
That there still is power in numbers. Power in the people, not just in the rich and famous.

This is not something I want to do, but instead something I feel we all must do.

When you see something wrong in the world, do you just turn the other way?
Pretend that you didn’t see it. As if it will not affect you?

Well, this is the time to act.


If I was able to recieve donations, through just my stories and photographs on the screen before you, I hope that this video raises more money than anyone could have ever expected.

It’s time that this Caveman gave back.
I hope you do too.


-The Caveman