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A Never Ending Journey

31 Jan

For I wish there was more for me to say.

My Journey seems but a fragment of a dream now.
Yet still I am reminded everyday how things have changed.


KONEY 2012

18 Mar

If you had a chance to change the world, would you?

What I will be writing about isn’t just about this cause. This is about proving that change is possible.
That there still is power in numbers. Power in the people, not just in the rich and famous.

This is not something I want to do, but instead something I feel we all must do.

When you see something wrong in the world, do you just turn the other way?
Pretend that you didn’t see it. As if it will not affect you?

Well, this is the time to act.


If I was able to recieve donations, through just my stories and photographs on the screen before you, I hope that this video raises more money than anyone could have ever expected.

It’s time that this Caveman gave back.
I hope you do too.


-The Caveman

Caveman Thanks

29 Nov

Its a Tuesday afternoon, and I sit amongst ambient light, a laptop, and a notebook doing all that I can to keep my concentration on the studies ahead of me. The smell of espresso, and sounds of music, make it even more difficult for a Caveman to study.
But as I sit here and reminisce on the days that have passed and ideas that have not yet been posted, I cannot help but notice that an appropriate thanks is in order.

My travels have opened my eyes to many new and exciting things. I have seen lots and experienced much more. But from all of this I have found that the most important things have been the new and old friends who have followed me along this journey.

So I want to thank you.

Thank you to all of my loyal followers.
To the thirty or so of my subscribers.
To those who have commented.
To those who have liked.
To those who have donated.
To the people who have simply stumbled across the blog.
To all of you who have contributed to my posts.

Thank you so very much, as without you all, blogging about my Journey would not be half as exciting as it is.
So I will end this post, not with pictures that I have taken or of places I have been, but pictures I have received from my loyal followers.
As they have been kind enough to also share a piece of their journey with I.


A Thanksgiving card from the Cavefamily.


A Black Friday greeting from the Rick Dawg.

My newest follower.

“The Right Start”: A San Franciscan Sunrise.

“The Right Start”: Greetings from Brazil. A sunrise on the beautiful coast.

Unexpected postcards received from followers.

A loyal follower’s “Caveman Memorabilia” on the wall.


Thank you all once again.

I love hearing from you all and thank you for all of the continued support.

Less Color More Love

12 Nov

Yesterday I walked out of what very well could have been he best lecture I have yet to experience here at Chula. I couldn’t help but want to keep the goodness in my life rolling.
So after grabbing a quick bit to eat, I headed to the underground train. As heading back home would simply bring me back down.
My destination? Only the place I most enjoy.
Coffee Alley in the Garden


Days when I need to relax, get away from it all, or get some work done, you can find me under the trees enjoying a cup of tea.

I walked down familiar steps, yet was greeted by an unfamiliar face. As I got down to the bottom of the steps, all I could see were two big eyes, of a child staring at me. Theres an innocence in the eyes of a child that cannot be forgotten.
Her mother sound asleep, yet she was up. Just looking around at the busy life surrounding her. After a couple of seconds of just observing, something hit me.  I pulled out my wallet and camera almost simultaneously.  As I pulled out the pink 100 Baht bill, I saw her eyes light up.
A smile that could melt the heart of any person.

I couldn’t help but be memorized by her presence. Soon all around me saw it as well.
Passer-by’s were stopping, looking at me, then to her and I saw a smile emerge as people realized what was happening. People all around couldn’t help but stop and enjoy the sight of her.

It brough joy to me to see her, to see all the people around get a little warmth from it. As things like this spread like wildfire.

Her photos are worth 1,000 words.







No only can deny that seeing a face like hers warms up the soul.


As I walked home many hours later, I passed her by once again. Only this time to find her mother awake and food in their hands.
As I walked past, both her and her mother looked up at me, almost as if she knew it was me who had handed her daughter that money. She said nothing. Just the look in her eye and the smile said it all.
I gave her a grin. Waved good-bye. And went on my way.

It’s these little things in life.

A “Little” Can Do A Lot

6 Nov

I have found through my life, and most importantly here, that a “little” can really do a lot.

Although this was the title for my posts n which I would donate a “little” to a person of need here in Bangkok, this time it has to do with me.
Coming back to Bangkok has really made me happy again.
I spent both my days “Beyond the Lens”.
Just walking around. Seeing familiar faces. Having people on the street asking me where I’ve been and how I’m doing.Standing around and speaking to the Tuk Tuk drivers. Seeing my favorite massage ladies. Going to my favorite local restaurants. Sitting down and already having an order already taken, because they already know what I want.
Meeting new people at restaurants. Exchanging thoughts, ideas, smiles, laughs and contact info. Making new friends. Becoming more in tune with the locals. Becoming one of the locals.
Walking at night through the street market and buying little things here and there. Being able to speak the local language, and understanding what the lady through the market is saying.

It’s these little things, that make me happy going through the day.
And as if things couldn’t get any better, today I reached total Thainess.
Yes. Today I became a real Thai.
Not only in my head, but I could see the Thai people around me realizing it as well.

I walked down my favorite street, and as I passed “The Guy” he asked me what I was up to. After a couple words and laughs, I told him I wanted some Thai Coffee. He said a couple words in Thai to the man next to him, and before you knew it, I had my Thai Coffee ready. I looked at it and realized he had put it in a glass. I told the man I needed it for take away. He ran back and got it ready for me. And as he walked back out with my coffee, excitement overwhelmed me.


Yep… I got my tasty beverage in the Thai Canteen of choice; A BAG.

Happiness overwhelmed me, as only the Thai get the bag. And it was being given to me.

As I walked back home I saw people around me looking. They looked at me, then at my bag, and back at me. Confusion on their faces.
I just looked back and smiled, as they as well as I knew what I was now; THAI.

It may seem strange to most, but a bag is the single best thing to put a beverage in. You can hold it with one finger. Walk with it. Swing it. Ride a bike with it. Throw it over your shoulder. Hang it on things.
The possibilities are endless!

So now I am satisfied. To many this is a small thing. For me this means a lot.

As well as this, there have been some other things I haven’t mentioned.
Walking past the reception I have surprisingly been stopped lately. Not because I haven’t paid for something but because I have been receiving mail.
What a GREAT feeling it has been.

Somehow people have gotten a hold of my address and are ironically sending me postcards. I must say it feels great to hear back from my friends and family back at home.
Emails and electronic communication have been great, and really cheer me up. But when I received these postcards it just made it that much better.

So for those of you who sent them, (and you know who you are) I thank you.  It really means a lot to me.

IMG_8539 copy

To my loyal followers, I am sad to say that I have gone to the post office 2 days in a row now only to find it closed. I am unsure of what has happened, but I beleive that the flood is causing it.
Unfortunately cards and postcards are put once again on temporary hold.

I am sorry and hope to have them out soon.


And as the title states, the “A Little Can Do A Lot” donations are still happening.
After my first post, I got a lot of positive feedback, as people were happy to hear about it. But unfortunatly since the floods, and all of this travel I haven’t been able to post of any other donations.

Seeing the faces of the people on the streets light up when I give to them what to us is deemed as “nothing” is priceless.


Thank you to all of my followers, and here is another Mother who got a lot, from what to us is just a little.


Snow Day in the Tropics

26 Oct

Living in California all my life, I remember being a kid and hoping and praying for a snow day.
Who would have thought that moving to Thailand I would get my wish?

As we returned from Laos on Monday, I was greeted by a call late that night. I was informed that although to me the flood had gotten much better, school was to be cancelled this whole week because of the flood. As we had thought it was getting better, in all actuality it was getting worse.

We had contemplated spending this week traveling, possibly take a little trip out to Vietnam or Cambodia. But after a quick deliberation, I decided that I needed to stay in Bangkok this week and focus on school. With 2-3 projects and papers due soon, it would make most sense to just stay here, work on them and get school out-of-the-way.

So I spent yesterday in my room. Both resting and working. Getting my creative juices flowing, and getting work done.
Today was the same. I woke with the sun rise and got my day started early.
I headed off to my favorite place to get work.
Today was a croissant plate, with eggs, and coffee to jumpstart my brain.


As I sat here working on my paper, I suddenly received another email. The floods are getting worse, and school is to be cancelled until November 7th.
So I guess I lied. It’s not a Snow Day, its more like a Snow (couple of) weeks.
Who know what these next couple of weeks will bring for the caveman.

Here is a couple pictures not yet posted to give all a little insight into how it is here in Bangkok during these times of flood.


Grocery stores and 7-11s are about as empty as they could ever be.


Noodles and bread are obsolete.


And Bottled water is by far the hardest thing to find these days. All stores are out, as people are stocking up in case of the worst.


But even in these times of confusion people stay positive.
The ladies in front of 7-11 are still cheerful and could not wait to smile for the camera.


Walls are being built taller now, and people everywhere are coming together to help prepare all of their houses and stores for the rush of water that is said to be coming any minute.


It makes me feel so good to know that we were able to help out the people of our new home. Although I posted a couple of pictures last week, I have been in such a rush that I was unable to post up all of the pictures.


Being amongst all of the people, helping right along side them was quite a satisfing feeling.


Hundreds of people came to help. More people than you could imagine. It’s really amazing to see how many people can come together and work for a greater cause.







It was a great feeling, to know that we as well could help along side the locals.

Just as I was sure that the weather in Thailand was getting better, as I stood over my balcony, I saw this huge cloud coming in towards us.


The rain comes and goes. It’s hard to really say what will happen to where I live, but lets hope for the best in all of Thailand.

I also wanted to give out a little notice to all of my faithful followers. Do not think that I have forgotten you. Postcards have been gathering and gathering. I have many that have been written and ready to be sent out, but with the floods all around Bangkok, I have decided that it’s best to hold off for a while.
I would hate to have all of the postcards be ruined or lost with all of the water here.


I promise that soon you all will be hearing from me though your mailboxes.

Sometimes a Little Can Do A Lot

17 Sep

I headed home last night feeling much better than on my way in.
I was seeing things clearer. Noticing the small details in everyday life.

As I walked past the BTS Station walkway I had to look twice at a sight that my eyes could hardly believe.

My mind was blown as I saw a girl who looked no older than me holding a baby sitting on the sidewalk. This was no young child, this was truly a newborn baby.
Still in shock, I continued up the stairs and on my way. I couldn’t help but look back every with every other step. Baffled by the sight, my mind was racing. What to do? what to say? What to think?

After maybe 50 steps my legs came to a halt, as I could no longer walk away from the sight.
I thought to myself.

My “Follow the Caveman” program gets a $3 donation for me to send stickers, postcards, and letters from different places throughout my journey abroad. What could that $3 donation do for someone here?
Three US dollars is 91 Baht here. 91 Baht is not a small amount here. A GOOD meal here costs me 25-40 Baht on average.

So as I thought of this, I opened up my wallet to find my last 200 baht wadded in a corner.

I walked back down. Walked towards the woman as she looked at me with the blank stare of despair. I grabbed 100 baht and reached out my hand. The mother did not even realize what I was doing. Her son, maybe 5 years old, told his mom to look. As she reached out to take the money, I saw a small smile emerge underneath a face full of emotions.

As I walked away I thought to myself, “I think the people who have donated will be happy to know that some of their donation went to this family.”

To me and you, that 100 baht isn’t really much. Sure I could have bought a slew of things in Thailand with it, but when it comes down to it, it really isn’t much.

So for all of you who have donated and are “Following the Caveman” I say thank you. Not only from me, but from the family in Bangkok who received a piece of you as well.


See more about what the “Follow the Caveman” really is by clicking on the tab above.