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The Eighties Babies

17 Apr

Went out to San Francisco for the weekend with the Breakfast Club.


Couldn’t help but snap this pic of these 80s babies hangin on Alamo Square.

Feels great to be back behind the lens.



A Day in The City

17 Feb

It’s 11:00 am, and I am sitting here in the Library attempting to read my “Non-Profit and Governmental Accounting” book. As I read line after line, my mind cannot help but drift further and further away from this place.

I can’t help but reminisce on my days in the city.
I have always thought that suburban societies breed discontent. I cannot say that it is a universal rule, but for I, it is more true than ever.
The Sunday before the couple of Sundays that have passed, was an important day in America.
The day of the American Football Superbowl.
I was as excited as everyone else, yet for a different reason. For the reason that I knew the majority of people would be sitting at home staring at televisions.

The Sun was shining, the weather was great. So instead I ventured out for a day in the city.

We had arrived and were on the look for a good place to get some food.
I looked from place to place. (As if you have ever been to San Francisco, you know that there is no shortage of places to eat)
I walked, and walked. Without feeling that any of the places were “right”.

I dislike places that look to clean. That look “planned”.
I craved some where authentic. Somewhere that rang true from side to side.

As we turned the corner, I saw a place that looked intriguing yet I was reluctant to walk in.
I opened the screen door, and saw just a single worker standing behind a counter.
As I looked around, I saw the menu, scratched on a chalkboard to my side.

This was the place.
So we put in our orders and grabbed some chairs outside.


Water with a hint of Orange, really hit the spot.


We sat patently, waiting for our food to arrive.
Waiting gave us a chance to sit back and relax for a while.

Soon our food came out. The young guy looked at me and said, “I made these EXTRA good, so…yea..”
I looked around, as wasn’t really sure what that had meant, but they sure did look extra good.


Veggie melt for me, and a turkey for her.
Salad on both.

With the first bite, I instantly knew what he meant. They were extra good.

The place was delicious.
A small menu, with just the right variety.


As we finished, we headed to the park, as I had my eyes set on a place I had seen only weeks before.


What better than a Stein of a Bavarian beer to enjoy a great afternoon in the sun.


As we brought our steins together for a cheers, I couldn’t help but think of all my German friends from abroad.


I toasted to them all, as I wished I could have enjoyed another beer with all the Chula exchange students.

As the beer continued to flow, I felt the urge to have some more food as well.
A buttery, salty pretzel hit the spot perfectly.


The Stein, had me feeling like I was on cloud nine.
We walked around, and relaxed at a nearby park.


We went to the famous Chantal Guillon’s Macaroon place for dessert.
Although not my cup of tea, they were an interesting way to finish off a day in Hayes Valley.


It’s sometimes hard to remember how much these little things had brought me so much joy.
How a great restaurant or cafe, could make any day seem grand.



I spoke to a friend yesterday, and she put something in my head that initially I failed to understand, yet now it cannot leave me.

She told me of a quote she read that resonated with her. It read:

“she had become too settled in her ways, too placid, too content, too anemic in her excitements, and too sober in her taste. As a bride, it had been she who ‘dragged’ Benjamin to dances and dinners — now conditions were reversed. She went out socially with him, but without enthusiasm, devoured entirely by that eternal inertia which comes to live with each of us one day and stays with us to the end.”


That “external force” that will put us in a state of change, is not always as far away as it initially seems.


Christmas In The City

25 Dec

I get asked from many people, what Christmas is like in Bangkok.

Well here it is.

Christmas in BKK.

Merry Christmas all.


The Caveman

Hangover High

24 Nov

A group of us decided that it was time to put our nice cloths to use, and enjoy the sunset in a whole new way.
We headed towards the other side of Bangkok to see the city in a new light.



We walked into a shinny golden box, and soon we felt the sensation of rising.
Up and up towards the sky.


As the doors opened we found ourselves in the most beautiful of rooms. Yet we still followed the light, to see what mysteries lay ahead of us.


A magnificent sight.


Need I say anything more?



The clouds of Bangkok I love, are even better from up close.




The city. The river. The sunset.
All Perfect.


Even a Caveman can not help but enjoy kicking back underneath the great big sky.








For only a brief moment, the sky turned a perfect purple.


We paid for our refreshments, then headed to the actual “Skybar”.


I am sure this is a sight that resonates in many peoples minds.




Posts like these need, little to no words.
As it cannot be described in script. It must be seen in person.
But for all of my friends, thousands of miles away, I hope that the saying is true, and..
a picture is really worth, one thousand words.


Afternoon Stroll

29 Sep

An afternoon stroll can wash away all the bad of yesterday..

I woke up this morning dazed and confused. Body sore, and mind everywhere.

A celebratory night, after a day full of midterms had me more tired than I could imagine.

Decided that food was in need.. A sickness had taken over Sven, and had him saying no to any food.
His face said it all.


Lack of food had him feeling down.

“The Guy” insisted that it was a cold day, and soup was in need. As usual, I did not question him.
Food was wonderful.


After a nice mean, Sven was back. Awake now, and more alive than ever.


On our way back home we ran into one of our Thai buddies. Sven decided to jump into the driver’s seat of his Tuk Tuk.



After coming back home, we all needed a bit of time to rest up.
A quick rest and I headed to the gym. Sweating out got me feeling better.

After showering, I decided that food and a walk around was needed.
Being that it is the vegetarian festival here, I decided to just roam the streets and see what I could find.

Google Maps was snapping away.

As I took each step, I was hungrier and hungrier. I headed to the corner for a nice solid base meal.


Rice, Cashews and Vegetables. Spicy please and a fried egg on top.


The consumption of eggs is inevitable in Thailand. I am becoming quite the fan though. I find myself ordering an omelet, or fried egg with almost every meal.

After that I headed to the streets. I found a nice stand with vegetarian food. Fried taro balls, spring rolls, and other fried veggies had me feeling good.


Passed by a bakery that had delicious looking pastries outside.


I refrained from buying anything though. Maybe next time.

Soon I found myself in a place of wonder.


Anytime I venture on these tracks, my day tends to brighten up.
Groups of kids could be found everywhere. Enjoying their Thursday afternoon, as was I.


After a long day yesterday, I decided to just sit along the tracks and let my mind wander.


Sitting there I forgot about everything. All my worries passed me by. I was totally content just sitting there all on my own, soaking in all around me. Thoughts zoomed in and out. Faster than any train that had ever ventured along this path.


No cars, no fancy big buildings or business men. Just everyday people. Living their lives with each other and enjoying the simplest things.





As I continued on my journey, I stumbled upon old friends.




It had been a long time since we last met, but just as old friends we continued on as if no time had passed.


Creativity is an easy thing to find at that age.



Sitting there along those tracks brought me back to early days in my journey.

There is something about this place. The joy in the air, the people all around. The purity.
It’s something that cannot be faked nor replicated. It cannot be mimicked nor brought back. Something that cannot be removed nor taken.
It’s here. It is part of this place.


Having the chance to be a part of it as well, is something I dare not forget.





JJ Market

21 Aug

My eyes slowly open, and I realize morning is here. My stomach is growling from hunger. My body feels achy from the day of walking.

As I crawl out of bed and head to the bathroom, I look out the window and all is dark.

Confused, I come out to the living room. Still dark.

I come to realize that it is still night-time. My sleep was only a nap. What was supposed to be a time to rest before dinner, became “sleep”.

The beauty is that it doesn’t matter. I have no agenda I must keep. No one to tell me I missed an integral part of the day. No promises I forgot to keep.

My day “started” as I walked out the door, and headed for the Sky-train. Thirty Baht later, I was at the famous JJ Market (aka Weekend Market). As usual, immense crowds of  people filled the market.


The market is filled with all kinds of goods. More things than you could ever want. Most defiantly more things than one could ever need.

Fresh coconuts are found almost everywhere in Bangkok.


Among other things, the market is full of puppies. Puppies of all kinds. Tons of them every where.
It is hard to pass them by and not want to take one home.





Even monks are found at the market. They seemed to be gathered around the baby rabbits when I passed them.


This dish never fails me. Steamed rice, with stir fried vegetables. Simple and delicious.

Frozen fruits are my favorite, so when I passed this stand with frozen bananas, I knew I had to have one. Freshly dipped right in front of me. Half sprinkles, half peanuts for the indecisive.



After a couple of hours walking thorough crowds down tiny alleys got me a little claustrophobic. Luckily right outside of the market is a beautiful park.


Cardamom tea was quite good after a long walk.


Decided it was time to open up an old friend. I don’t remember the last time I opened it up. Sad, as it is a book that will transform your mind.


Once in the park, I couldn’t help but snap candid shots of people in the park.


A couple taking a picture, most likely going to be found on facebook later today.


An artist patiently working.



Seemed to be some sort of photo shoot going on. I decided to join in on the fun.





As strange as it may seem I enjoy time to myself. Gives me time to think.
It gives you a type of freedom that is not easily attained in a society with so much going on.

A day well spent with nothing but the company of my own.


The sunset never seems to fail me.

Kids Kids Kids

7 Aug

My eyes slowly open with the sound of the phone ringing.

iPod in one ear, pillow on the other, I look over confused at my roommate who doesn’t seem to budge.  I answer the phone only after finding out that it is for me. The conversation is a blur, as I was still trying to recover from my slumber.

Nights in Bangkok seem to never end. Everything is open all times of the hour, and we tend to embrace it.

As I start to become coherent, I feel a growl in my stomach.

Write. Shower. Clothes. Backpack. Room key.

The search for food starts again.

I head towards my favorite area, the street market. After grabbing a corn on the cob and some quick bread for on the go snacks, I am able  find a nice place to eat.


There is something about these small unknown places that appeals me.
They have a ambiance to them that is unlike any other.


I find myself constantly walking through alleys.
You never know when you are going to pass a street vendor with that perfect food or drink.


Bangkok street art.


I couldn’t help but take the long way home. A walk down the railroad tracks led me to a familiar friend.
He immediately recognized me from a far. As if we were long time friends, I was greeted by the family with smiles and bows.

Walking home can create quite a contradictory illusion. One minute you feel as if you are in the midst nature, the next you are in a city, surrounded in high rises.


After getting home, my roommate Kevin was headed back out. I couldn’t resist the opportunity for more Thai food.
Walking around, we were greeted by a swarm of children at a sidewalk restaurant.

Although the father cooked for us, it seemed to be run by this little one. He made sure to keep us entertained throughout our stay there.

I could’t help but snap shots of the kids.






IMG_2724 copy

She quickly became attached the camera.


The kids handed us the food, and patiently waited to see what we thought.  They made sure we knew to use both the spoon and fork.


My housemate and I have become quite the duo in Thailand.

Children in Thailand have a joy about them that is different from any other places I have been. Being surrounded by them has brightened my day. The most simple things make them so happy. Surrounded by a city, living in “poverty” seems to be a better place for kids to grow up. They learn the realities of life and enjoy the time they spend socializing with people around them.